What are you riding?

It's too hard to post pics on this forum. So let's just type what our current setup is:
Deck-Cab Chinese Dragon (bone white)
Trucks-Indy 159s with Bones hard bushings
Wheels- bombers, mixture of black and green
Grip- Jessup
Rails-rib bones(lime green)
Hardware-mini logo 1.25"
Risers-psycho 1/4" lime green (these risers are awesome, sorta medium hardness, great for old man knees and smoothing out your ride)


  • Street park / mini ramp setup:
    Deck : Real Ishod twin tail slick
    Trucks: Mini Logo 8.38, Bones Med
    Wheels : 52mm Bones SPF v1
    Bearings : Autobahn
    Grip : Jessup

    Bowl setup:
    Deck : Mini Logo 8.5 181 shape
    Trucks : Indy Forged 159, Bones hard
    Wheels : 55mm Bones SPF v5
    Bearings ; Bones Swiss 6
    Grip : Mob

    Townie :
    Deck : Welcome 8.5" Sloth on Nimbus 3000
    Trucks : Mini Logo 8", Bones Med
    Wheels : 90a Mini Rats - circa 1990
    Bearings : Bones Reds
    Grip : Mob
    Rails : Rib Bones white

    Deck : Earthwing Yoni 39"
    Trucks : G&S
    Wheels : 60mm Bones ATF
    Bearings : Reds
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    riding 2 setups right now--

    Transportation, parking-lots, ditches:
    McClain Flight Deck (green),
    Ventures (black),
    Bombers (black),
    1/2 inch risers (black),
    Jessup I think? (black),

    Show-offy bike path cruising with gf:
    1983 Madrid Explosion (orig pig) (blue/orange/pink/yellow),
    Ventures (silver),
    Slime Ball reissues (blue),
    original rails and tail skid (blue),
    Die cut grip,
    1 inch risers (blue),
  • Old School Ripper
    Rat Bones
    TheFarter2.0s setup rules! All others stink!
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    Cool setups, guys! This is a fun idea. Here are mine:

    Vert/pools (main setup): McGill reissue (BB series 9, hot pink, condom nose)
    Tracker Darts (red hangars, 9”, black baseplates, med bushings)
    Santa Cruz NOS cell block risers (.5” white)
    Bones Two Rats 60mm, 97a NOS (natural, circa 1988)
    Reds bearings
    Yellow rib bones
    Hot pink jaw bone
    Jessup grip, custom cutaway

    Streetstyle: Skull and Sword Geegah, white
    Indy stage 11, 159s chrome, stock bushings
    Indy risers, .25”
    Bones B-80, NOS (circa ‘91?), 54mm 98a, wine red
    Spitfire cheap shot bearings
    Jessup grip, custom die-cut
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    I also have already set up my next vert/pool deck and I am very excited to skate it soon:

    Hawk chicken skull (BB series 6, pink and blue)
    Tracker sixtracks NOS (9”, circa ‘87, tile blue hangars, black baseplates)
    Tracker space pads (.5”), dark blue, NOS
    PP GBones, reissue, hot pink, 64mm 97a
    Bones reds
    NOS jawbone, pink
    Radrailz, fat rails with custom cutaway at front end, tile blue
    The Bird lapper, hot pink
    Jessup grip, custom die-cut
  • 80s style: Custom cut blank, modern concave. Shaped to have a lmfp back half with a hieroglyphic front half. Tracker 6 tracks with og rat bones 97 wheels.

    New: Flight 8" with Indy trucks and stf wheels. Haven't had the chance to break it in yet, but itching to get some time.
  • I'd love to see a picture of that custom deck, @Chris !
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    8.25 flight deck 243, 52mm Evan Smith Spitfire wheels, Bones Swiss bearings, Indy stage 11 Guerrero baseplates with Stage 2 hangers, MOB grip.
  • A skateboard when I can(which hasn't been for 6 weeks due to weather, family commitments, and house rennos :# )!
  • Blue McGill pig reissue, Tracker sixtrack darts 9", Bones medium bushings, white 59mm PP ATFs 78a, Bones reds, red NOS PP nose bone, blue NOS PP tailbone, white PP ribs

    Powell Peralta funshape coffin 8.5", 8.38" Mini Logo trucks black base/white hanger, Bones medium bushings, black 56mm PP gravel grinders 86a, Bones reds, white PP ribs, Bones grip

    Got some new setups coming in 2018.
  • Here's my two current riders:

    OG Santa Cruz 1985 Slasher
    Indy Trucks Stage 3
    Bones Swiss Bearings
    Santa Cruz OJII Street Wheels 92a 57mm
    Ugly Rails
    No idea what brands the risers and grip are

    LMFP V2 reissue black (all parts OG except the deck and grip tape)
    Jessup Grip
    Indy Trucks Stage 3
    Bones Swiss Bearings
    Powell G-Bones 64mm 93a
    Santa Cruz Cell Block risers
    Vision rails

  • McGill Flight Deck
    Madrid Flypaper Grip
    Rad Rails
    Indy Lance Mountain 159's
    Bones Ceramic Bearings
    Powerflex Gumball Core 60mm wheels
    Bones Medium Bushings
    Some random 1/4" risers
    Some random hardware
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    Pocket Pistols Spidey Demontrond Billion Dollar Maybies Deck - 9.625"
    Indy 215's
    Bones Super Swiss 6
    powerflex gumball core 58mm wheels
    1/4 indy risers
    MOB grip
  • @TheFarter2.0 , @klayts , @McShredorDie , @SK8ER are the only true Powell Peralta supporters. The rest all stink!
  • I'm out in protest until they bring back the Nordic Sperm.
  • SMA El Zep
    Indy 169 Titanium
    1/4 risers
    Pi wheels or Bones Ngoho 58mm SPF
  • TheFarter2.0’s Mom is riding me, she has Down Syndrome so she drools all over my cock. It works out well, I don’t have to waste money on lube when I gouge her eye out and skull fuck her.
  • Boosted Dual Plus 2000W (best-rated electric skateboard)

    Dual drive
    22 MPH max speed
    Has a remote control (wireless)
    2000-watt motor
    Charges in 60 minutes
    Cool design!
  • Well, this thread certainly went downhill quickly in two different directions.
  • On a positive note the bathroom is almost complete. Nearly time to get my crowbar out to tear up the old kitchen! :#
  • Rough parks/ramps: Saiz Buffalo, Tracker Aggros, Cockroach wheels, Bones Swiss Super 6's, Yocaher rails,

    Smooth Parks: Underhill II, Tracker Dart Sixtracks, Bones 100's party pack, Bones Super Reds, Thin Ribs(crappy new ones),

    Street: Hawk picto(reshaped), Gullwing Sidewinders, Toxic Shock wheels, Bones Super Reds, Orange Thin Ribs(the awesome, molded/extruded double radius ones that Cab always uses)!
  • Not many forumsters talk about 'Downhill' on this forum Mally!
  • My setup is a street/pool board and it has
    Powell Peralta & Alternative Tentacles collab (Jello Biafra newspaper)
    Jason Jessee Indy 149s
    Lance Mountain Spitfires 58s
    Bronson G4s
    Mob clear and generic pink
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