Shit Powell Should Reissue

I'll start.

It would be rad if they brought back the l/s bones shirts with sleeve prints.

Both Mike and Rodney are wearing them in this picture, too

These look rad and since it's getting colder over here in Canada-land, I would like to buy some so I can still impress chicks even when it's cold outside. Take my money, dudes.


  • OG Crossbones !
  • Hawk shirts, T Bones (Original mould), Mini rats and Ratbone wheels.
  • They need to reissue that sweater Lance is wearing because it is bitchin.
  • They need to quit photoshopping Mullen into that pic.
  • Proper Thin and Gorilla Ribs with Ratnuts!
  • OG Crossbones are top of my list. These are the only thing that I’m truly dying for them to reissue.

    These things would be awesome, too:
    Jawbones. Blue rib bones. Rat bones in red, pink, natural and in 97a. OG t-bones. Two-rats. Nose bones. Die-cut griptape. The rib cage graphic T-shirt. Sweat pants in red.
    And I would love to see the long sleeve shirts with graphics on the sleeves come back, too.
  • Red sweats would rule
  • They need to reissues more items with the ripper and skull and sword graphic. They never use those graphics.
  • yyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeesssssss
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    Biebs is reading the forum whilst looking at porn again! ;)
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    I forgot, I want these, too: book covers! And yellow for all reissue wheels!
  • Sweat pants in red would be so rad!
  • I would also like to see 4 hole rails comes back. Looks more authentic than 5 holes. Until then, I'll keep using the OG stuff.
  • Yeah that would be nice, the old double radius ribs are superior for sure. Rolled edges and rat nutz!!
  • So old rails had rolled edges?
  • Yeah they didn’t have a square edge on em... of course I guess after a few slides they get sharp anyway
  • I hope they reissue this shit soon!

  • Hell yeah. That’s one of my favorite shapes ever. I have that colorway. That being said I’d be more stoked on a dip
  • I'd definitely prefer a dip, too!
  • A lot of people would rather see a Crest come out, which I get; it’s a less common deck with a more detailed graphic. But in my opinion the Family deck had a more functional shape, and was the beginning of Mountains more “personal” graphic style. Don’t get me wrong, I’d be stoked on a Crest, but since I don’t hang till after they’re skated I’d prefer the better shape
  • So what's be the biggest factor in deciding which decks to reissue? What the pro wants to release? What has a big demand? Or is it a combination of factors? They released that Cab dragon motorcycle one series and that seemed like an odd one to reissue (though I wasn't familiar with that one at all) and I figured that was one Cab wanted to do.
  • would be interesting to know im guessing they call them up and say hey we want to reissue blah blah blah are u ok with it then they send them different colorways to select
  • They'll be focusing on what will sell the best, hence the reason they continue with the same reissues. I buy them just like many others do. I doubt they'll release another set of Series 7 anytime soon.
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