Happy new year 2018

You're a rad bunch of dudes. Stay safe. Happy new year to all! :smiley:


  • still some time left over here but hopefully in 2018 a pp pro board for me comes out ;)
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    The Sun rises in the east and sets in the west Biebs!

    Happy New Years guys! May 2018 be better than 2017 for all!
  • yea this year has been a damn disaster but odd numbered years always are
  • Happy new year, dudes!
  • Hope you have a Smelly New Year!
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    For 2017, maybe I was just inspired by the slogan "Skate Every Day", but I made the resolution to do a kickflip every day. Some were done at parks, some in parking lots, some were done out of town on vacation where I'm always sure to bring my board, many were done in the garage just before bed, and at Thanksgiving, one was even done in my underwear and coat in my parents driveway because I didn't remember to do it until I was already in bed.
    However and wherever I did it, I still did one every day, and finally wrapped it up yesterday with a pretty lame one at the park...

    Happy New Year everyone, and I hope you all get to skate (pretty much) every day of 2018!
  • Nice. And by 2017, you mean 2018.
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    @VatoRat At least you can do kickflips, which I think is pretty cool. I need to make an effort to do SOMETHING every day. I lose a lot going a week or two between getting on my board.

    Happy 2018, guys.
  • Happy late 2018, y’all! Stay rad!

  • Happy New Year
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