Whats the difference between these versions of OG Rat Bones Wheels?

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Hi, can anyone tell me apart from the obvious size and graphics, what is/was the difference between the early 90's 60mm rat bones wheels and the later 59mm ones with the RB graphic?

They look exactly the same to me apart from those two things and i'm wondering if they actually are the same profile and riding surface as well as urethane formula.
If i get some of the 59mm ones will they feel and ride the same as the 60mm's ?



Powell please reissue 80's 90's profiles and durometers 92/95/97a so we dont have to tral for NOS product to ride.

I want to see the early 90's Rat Bones, Mini Rats and Cross Bones back and i'm sure some might even want OG style T Bones too !


  • they dont like to reissue stuff if there is still plenty of a certain product that is readily available
  • Where are they still readily available? If nothing else I wand to see the classic durometers reissued, where are all the 95a wheels????
  • oldschoolskates.com
  • Those are Rat Bones II's dude. Super easy to find on eBay, oldskull, oldschool, etc.. They're a different shape from the real OG's which have a wider contact patch.
  • Yeah, if oldschool doesn't have it, early 90's wheels in NOS shape are plentiful on eBay, for close to what it would cost if Powell made them new. Difficult to make a business case to reissue there.

    T-Bones are getting harder to find, Oldschool's stock dried up a while ago. I'd probably buy them here and there if they are reissued.


    CROSS BONES on the other hand, NEED to be reissued...
  • Looks doubtful that Powell will ever reissue any other wheels. The OG Crossbones are desperately needed.
  • I have entertained the thought of either getting some NOS wheels in the mid-durometer range from Old School or trying one of the newer options. I'm planning to build a ramp and a rail to skate in my driveway and want something that won't be so rough/bog down, grip the wood ramp pretty well, but still be somewhat slideable. What does that sound like to you guys who've skated some of these older wheels that oldschool still has listed? 95a? 93a?
  • Speaking of "T Bones", why "T" Bones? And why "G" Bones for that matter? I can see the cut of beef reference with the T, and the connection to Hawk....but......
  • I thought the T was for Tony and the G was for Guerrero? Weren’t G-Bones originally marketed as a Street wheel?
  • I thought as much, but weird using Hawk's first name and Tommy's surname. I guess "H" Bones doesn't have the same ring to it....
  • And I’m pretty sure Guerrero rode freestyles
  • @SkaterRick I skate a lot of NOS wheels in 95a (1990 rat bones, 1988 streetstyles). They are good wheels, can handle shitty concrete fairly well without vibrating your teeth out, but they are still pretty hard, they are in no way cruising wheels. I am a powerslide fiend, and they are great for that.
  • I had T Bones ( two were 95a, two were 97a ) and they were great. My knees were fine and sliding was fine!
  • @klayts Thanks a lot, man. Btw, I'm digging your Instragram feed.
  • @SkaterRick thanks man! What’s your handle on insta?
  • Hey @klayts it's rhawes4.
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  • I dont' know if this applies here but in the old days skateboard wheels were made in America using compounds/chemicals that aren't allowed to be used now. This might sounds weird but skate shops in the 70's had this odd smell to them, the wheels had this sweet smell to them. Ask an old skater if this sounds crazy. It was pretty obvious we didnt just go around smelling our wheels.
    Don't know what works better the new safer more enviro friendly chemicals or the old stuff.
  • Dude, someone needs to market wheels that smell like hotcakes
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    There are several formulas eg. STF = Street Tech Formula , PTF = Park Tech Formula, OG formula, and so on.) harnesses and size (both circumference and width). The way the cut of the wheel will also make a difference for the way you want to skate ( dont want soft flat wheel to powersllide,- would be better cruising longboards.)

    Everyone has their own preferences. I personally long og rat bones for skating skating chunky LA streets a dn still can get a lil sideways with them in rougher walks. I think their perfect for pools and fun at smooth park bowls. Not for technical skating. Surf the concrete! 10×30 old school deck and you good to thrash

    Never rode the new ones but from this pic it looks like the cut is a little different, possibly a lil harder.. og's are 90A.
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