What skate shoes are the best for you?



  • I pretty much wear New Balance shoes. https://bestoutdooritems.com/best-basketball-shoes-for-ankle-support/ Nevertheless, playing football, and they have always been my suitable, comfortable and quality. I'm not sure that they are tougher than what you have, but they continue. Plus a bonus point for the bands on only one side, and not both
  • I always felt most comfortable in padded high tops. Airwalk originals and prototype, Vans, and even British Knights.

    These days I wear Vans.
  • I'm cheap- my skate shoes are my last pair of casual shoes that I replaced with new shoes. Usually Vans but right now I have some Adidas.
  • Vans Pro Slip On.....black suede
  • >I'm cheap- my skate shoes are my last pair of casual shoes that I replaced with new shoes. Usually Vans but right now I have some Adidas.

    I was doing that for a while as well. I usually use Adidas but bought a pair of Vans and the liner of the Vans wore out before I ever got to skate in them. I have adidas from 3 years ago that I seldom skate in that are still in decent shape.

    I recently bought a set of Lucas Premiere ADV to skate in and they are sweet. I liked the Gonz Pro when I could still get them.
  • I wore my Vans suede/canvas with ultra cush and check pattern today and was surprised how well, and snug they fit me. Still a little long in the toe, but no where near as much as my canvas ones. I am pretty impressed!
  • Been breaking in a set of Etnies Marana's.
  • Nike and Adidas would be my first choice. However, I've planned to try Airwalk next time with coupon codes.
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    Currently skating Vans Chukka Low (Pro) and 'es Slim Mid.
    Standard Half Cabs if I can find them on sale.
  • Don’t know about shoes yet. I started in some old slip-on Vans, but they are just fabric and bailing destroyed them. Then some Teva shoes I had hanging around, They are tougher and have sticky “spider” soles.

    Now, I have some new Globe shoes (they call them a boot), just a simple hi-top and I put Footprint insoles in them yesterday, I think I needed the hi-top because my ankles are getting hit from all around. Only had one session in them so far but they seem to stay on my feet
  • The new Vans AVE look sharp. And their TNT prototype too. Look like the cushion I need. I'm riding the canvas old school laceups right now. Excellent stick and board-feel but damn they are thin on the bottom and if I hit the ground flat-footed it sends a jar up the legs.
  • I prefer the Vans Skate Low Pro or Era Pro shoes. Great board feel and a good cushioned insole. Vans may be a large corpo these days, but they directly support skateboarding as evidenced by conducting contest throughout the world and sponsoring art/music/culture events.
    Vans makes a great product and is quite the benefactor.
    If I didn't wear Vans I'd probably look at what Sole Tech or Globe produces. Both have done a lot to support skateboarding at a grassroots level.
  • I'm wearing the Vans Sk8-Hi now. It's one of the few skate shoes available in my size (14).

    I wouldn't consider anything made by Nike nowadays, as it all seems like light-weighted junk compared to what they made in the 80s.

    I still think the Airwalks of the late 80s were the best skate shoes ever made. However, the Airwalks would get holes in the soles from the grip tape before anything else. Sometimes, I wonder if they purposely made the soles thin to encourage repeat sales.

    I'd gladly pay the extra money for a quality high-top skate shoe that's made in the USA...if someone offered them.
  • Decided to try something new....Lakai Owen Slip-On.....so far they are more comfortable than my vans Slip-On classics and Slip-On pro and the Lakai actually breathe so my feet stay cool. Tactics had them on sale for $38.
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    asics is now in the skate game and is starting up a team and their shoes have a gel heel
  • I see Asics shoes that look like skate shoes but none marketed as such. Where did see this news, bb?
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    and also in shoe news it is more than likely andrew reynolds is gonna be signing with vans so he may have some nice shoes coming out
  • Cool, thanks. Odd that a Google search didn't turn up anything right off. I am interested in cushiony old man shoes that don't look like the puffy monstrosities of the 90's. I can't skate vulc anymore.
  • I seriously was wondering why we were looking at pics of this young, Asian skater. ASICS!
  • well they are just starting up their skate team so probably gonna be a bit longer before they start whoring themselves to the public
  • Just copped a pair of Vans TNT protoypes. waiting on shipping.
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