What skate shoes are the best for you?



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    no prob and yea globe is VERY under-rated and as i like to say popular isnt always the best

    p.s. look at these fucking things llllllllllllooooooooooooooooooooolllllllllllllllllll

  • LOL!

    Who the fuck comes up with something like that?

    More important, who the fuck wears something like that!

  • I swear by my Emerikas. They’re the most durable and comfortable skate shoes I’ve ever had.
  • Vintage: Circa Muska CM902
    Current: ES Sesla
  • i bought some vintage vans a few months ago i kind of stocked up on shoes towards the end of the year cause who knows what the shoe market is gonna be like next few years and im pretty picky about my shoes
  • i was using vans but i tried adidas and they were actually good
  • ive never believed in that
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    80s: Chuck Ts, Jordans, Visions, Airwalks, Vans and one pair of Puma hi's...Natas made me do it.
    90s és Kostons. The first gen was an awesome shoe.
    2000s: Half Cabs and one pair of Nike Dunk lows...back when Dunks cost $50 and no one was robbing sneaker stores and leaving the cash.
    2010s: Might have stepped on a board once.
    2020-present: Vans, Emerica, Fallen.

    Broke my ankle last year so I wear Vans hi-tops to protect the ankle from board hits. The pain from a board hitting that ankle now is next level due to nerve damage.
  • I recently purchased some vintage Vans. I kind of loaded up on shoes at the end of the year since I'm quite particular about my footwear, and I don't know how the shoe market will be in the coming years.
  • I have a pair of Adidas Superstars that have been my comfort go-to pair for every heavy sightseeing vacation. But I'm tired of them. Now I also looking forward to sneakers here that are cushy with the support that gets them through all-day walking and sports in comfort Converse, Golden Goose, Vans and Veja are not cutting it for me for this purpose.
    Also, I don't want a "dad" sneaker clunky look.
  • been there done that lol never again
  • yea etnies are good
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