Mini logo sub assemblies?

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On the website they have mini logo sub assemblies (wheels and bearings on a truck,)... do you need to order two sets of these for a board or when you put one in your cart it is it two sets? And are these sub assemblies any good?


  • more than sure it is for 2 trucks since the description says trucks and not truck i dont think they would charge that much just for one lol and yea they are good so go for it and u can always email customer service just to make sure
  • @antplaysdrums - Yes, it includes two trucks, four wheels, and a full set of bearings. I agree, they could be a little more explicit on their site.
    Sometimes you can find them super-cheap on Amazon...
    (Amazon is evil, support your local skate shop, etc.)
    How do they skate?
    Wheels - like most SkateOne wheels, the "101a"s are are touch softer than other manufacturers', (this is not a commentary on whose scale is best calibrated).
    Trucks - I haven't really skated anything other than Independents in so long, that's the only comparison I can offer. Anyway, they're a bit lower than Indys and don't turn as quickly. Yes, they turn well - I'd describe them as "stable" and "deliberate".
    Hope this helps!
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    I thought I could get some mini logo wheels. 40% off at the local skate shop, so they will be rather cheap. Any feedback about their bearings? Heard they are trash

  • opinions are like assholes everyone has one but u cant go wrong for 10 bucks and they are good bearings
  • I have ML bearings in some rides and they are good. There is a difference though when you step up to the Big Balls bearings (my go-to bearing) and then another step up from there to the Swiss Ceramics. The step up along the way is gradual it just depends how much $ that is gradual uptick is worth to you.
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