Tony hawk claw purple colourway

Any clues If this deck wil ever come out in this purple colour??


  • probably not anytime soon
  • It’s such a shame as the dark background makes the hawk and claw stand out of the graphics in an almost 3 dimensional way.
  • it is really up to hawk to release it he has the final say so
  • I have a special attachment to the claw graphic and have both a pink and a white. The next one I'd like to see would be either blue or purple. The next series is getting us another skull/iron cross, so in any case we'll be waiting a while.
  • Coincidentally I was watching Ban This last night and was eyeing the purple one
  • I can’t see the one you are talking about on my phone. Is it the black dip with purple background that I had back in the day? They did the same colour way with the chicken skull bottle nose in the 5th!
  • edited December 2018
    I had the OG black dip purple forest one. Absolutely looks 3D! Have been amazed at the effect.
    But a blue or a green one would be yummm!
  • I just couldn’t wait!!
    When an original purple claw came up for sale. I jumped at it.
    It’s a mini but it has never been drilled for rails and it’s in alright shape. I’ll give it a sensible restoration job without bothering it too much but I’m so pleased to now have the trinity of a cross, claw and a street hawk.
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