Bones Brigade Series 12!

Let the colourway and deck choices roll in.....
Hawk Claw, Black stain(not dip, I reckon it would really pop) with purple trees,
LM Family, purple stain,
Cab Mech Dragon, natty,
McGill Snake skin shovel nose, that pinky/purpley colourway from Animal Chin,
TG pointy nosed dagger, lime green,
Mullen, blue stain!


  • those would be sick
  • Hawk skull in yellow. Please.
    Like seriously. Please.

    Haven't they done a natty mech dragon in the past somewhere?
  • Yep I like that series colour choice @WakeInFright .
    But a shovel nose , I don’t know about that. May be better for skating though.
    And the hawk claw stain , seen a couple without the trees and it definitely needs em. (Still hot without) . The black dip is so yum IMO.
    I don’t see an end to the series any time soon, so many more that could/should be done . Personally I want the yellow on white and pink on white hawk skulls and yellow and lime Mcgill’s. Oh wait I 4got the lime hawk .
    I wouldn’t mind some being redone again too,
    Some prices getting round for some are fukn crazy. Doesn’t help being in Oz either
  • All lime green, Mountain Crest.
    Then I retire from collecting.
  • That will be the day @Sharks bratko!
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