Bones Brigade Series 12!

Let the colourway and deck choices roll in.....
Hawk Claw, Black stain(not dip, I reckon it would really pop) with purple trees,
LM Family, purple stain,
Cab Mech Dragon, natty,
McGill Snake skin shovel nose, that pinky/purpley colourway from Animal Chin,
TG pointy nosed dagger, lime green,
Mullen, blue stain!


  • those would be sick
  • Hawk skull in yellow. Please.
    Like seriously. Please.

    Haven't they done a natty mech dragon in the past somewhere?
  • Yep I like that series colour choice @WakeInFright .
    But a shovel nose , I don’t know about that. May be better for skating though.
    And the hawk claw stain , seen a couple without the trees and it definitely needs em. (Still hot without) . The black dip is so yum IMO.
    I don’t see an end to the series any time soon, so many more that could/should be done . Personally I want the yellow on white and pink on white hawk skulls and yellow and lime Mcgill’s. Oh wait I 4got the lime hawk .
    I wouldn’t mind some being redone again too,
    Some prices getting round for some are fukn crazy. Doesn’t help being in Oz either
  • All lime green, Mountain Crest.
    Then I retire from collecting.
  • That will be the day @Sharks bratko!
  • Animal Chin shapes, in black Boneite with EXPERIMENTAL stickers - YEAH!
    (Except Rodney - they never made freestyle decks in Boneite.)
  • edited February 2019
    Possible consideration for series 12.

    Tony Hawk bottle nose,Iron Cross in Yellow.
    Mike McGill shovel nose Skull and Snake in White or Lime Green.
    Lance Mountain Crest in Cobalt Blue.
    Tommy Guerrero Flaming Dagger point nose in Silver dip,
    Steve Caballero Ban this in Baby Blue dip.
    Rodney Mullen Chess deck in Pink with blue top.

    Could you guys please consider heat transferring full color RIPPER with wings top sides again in blue and or red accents. Maybe even just for the Bones Brigade Decks. Its so appealing.

    Thank you for your consideration


  • All original shapes on natty Flight Deck material.
  • There's gotta be some movement on PP's ideas for 12th series soon?
  • I assumed that the next series....if there is one, would be the silver series from the vote we had for the 10th series. That was classic, natty, and silver. The classic won as the 10th, but the 11th was natty. So I figured the next one would be the silver series.
  • Justice for some reissue
  • Id like a black and silver iron gate ;p
  • Do you think the BB series are done? It’s been a while, and the 11th didn’t seem to sell as quickly as previous sets. Maybe they won’t make any more.
    Does anyone have insider knowledge that could put my fears to rest?
  • well remember it took them awhile to announce the 11th
  • Could be waiting for the Xmas season too
  • I have no inside knowledge, but I'm guessing that we will see longer periods between sets. Skateboards are fairly durable and I guess (based on nothing) that a lot of these are bought as keepers or only occasional riders. That's what mine are. I can always be tempted by a badass colorway though.
  • yea i think the holidays would be a good bet
  • I think ending the series would be great to
  • no doubt about that but 11 is a odd number i say go for 12 then call it a day
  • I really hope they are doing another series!!!

    Iwould love to see another colorway of the McGill Fish Deck.
    Cab vert Deck D&B
    TG pointed Iron Gate

    Something fun like a stain as opposed to a dip would be cool.
  • the d and b has been done to death how about something that hasnt been done
  • Honestly, the only ones that haven’t really been over done are the McGill fish, or McGill serpent. Everything else we’ve seen a lot of
  • Mech dragon hasn’t been done since 2008! His Mask hasn’t been done yet either!
  • Mechanical dragon I would love to get a crack at, and the McGill serpent/stinger (what was it really called?) is one I've been begging for. Those sell for stupid money on eBay.
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