• That purple Mcgill flight deck is sick!
  • in love with the whole new metallic flight series
  • Ragdoll = Yay! I’ll be sure to snag two this time.
  • Claus Grabke too!
  • everytime i hear or see his name it always reminds me of claus from american dad
  • Santa CLAUS came in Autumn(your Spring) this year. Barbee deck for me, and the shirt. And I think I will try those Big Balls! How about you Biebs?
  • digging the pastel skull and sword shirt which i actually asked them to make lol
  • Would go with a set of Big Balls Biebs!
  • Some of the decks are now on the product page. Pink Welinder and S&S are musts.

    Grabke is really cool because of the story - but don't really want the board.
  • I noticed the Barbee is SP2....why? Why can’t they do one with K15, or at least SP3?
  • I had a red Barbee from the last reissue run and that was my biggest complaint. That’s my favorite shape and was super bummed to not have the concave of the original. Maybe they lost the og molds
  • Surely they could use the same mold as the Nicky Guerrero....similar dims plus kicknose!
  • Agreed. I also have red one from last run. And it's my favorite reissue shape too. Only bummer was complete lack of any kind of detectable 'spoon' in the nose area. Feels dead flat under foot. SP3 appears to be slightly better... but, the Nicky Guerrero mold would be the shiz!!
  • That Ray Barbee had a flat nose back in the day. I still have what's left of mine from way back when.
  • But they did that shape/graphic in kicknose too @myren , like the Saiz Totem!
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    My original BITD was a pancake but I clearly remember the next batches after that having a kicknose. Time-wise it was right at the transition point when everybody was switching their molds to kicknose. You can do a google image search and see examples of both. I also remember the spoon nose versions having a painted background and the kicknose versions having a stained background.
  • My og is/was a spoon nose but it it had a slight upward pitch to it and the “spoon” was deeper than the reissue I had plus it had slight concave in the tail
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    10-4. SP3 would be more true to the first OG batch. Even if the difference between SP2 and SP3 is slight.
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    My Hawk Claw og was/is the same @ppk187 . They do the kicknose on the Hill and Nicky G from that era....do it on the Saiz and Barbee too with the personalised top logos as well! Do it. Dooet!
  • I have noticed on shorter, wider, more blunt shapes the 'spoon' has more area to develop. For example, I have no issue with SP2 on the Vallely. Feels fine to me. But on a pointier shape like the ragdoll the spoon effect just kinda disappears. Too narrow in front. Something I think the guys at HQ should've picked up on by now. The Siaz feathers is SP3 and those two shapes are very, very close. On the 360 view of the Siaz the slight upward pitch in the nose is visible.
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