Truck Size for Frankie Hill Reissue?

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Hello, friends!
I'm getting back into skating after a 30 year hiatus. I bought a Ripper popsicle 8.5 and it just didn't feel right to me. My last board-in 1989- was a Ray Barbee. Big nose, fishtail,....great board.

I decided to get Frankie Hill bulldog reissue. I ordered it as a package set up. The only trucks available for the kit were Indy 215s. They give a stable ride, but I am not crazy about how much of the wheel sticks out near the tail. I believe the narrowest part of the tail is 9 inches. I cannot remember the size I used to get on those style boards.

I am riding Spitfire Formula 4 58mm Conical Full.
I am really just interested in carving in the bowls at the park.

Should I go with Indy 159 or 169?

Any suggestions?


  • I would go 169s or Ace 66s. I have a similar sized board (Schmitt Stix Joe Lopes that is 10.125 wide) and 159s are too narrow for it unless I run fat vintage wheels. With modern wheels the trucks need to be wider.
  • I agree- I ran 169’s on mine when they first reissued em
  • I have 169’s and Bombers on a McGill pig reish. I would go the 159’s to avoid to much rear poke out on the Hill
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    Thanks for the input.
    I went with 169s. We'll see how they look with the conical full wheels when I get them.
    Thanks again.
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