Determine reissue vs. original

Hey all, been following the board for a little bit now. I recently reorganized my basement and hung some of my old decks, then I kind of got the bug to buy a couple more.

I’ve been looking at some PP boards on EBay (Cab, Welinder, Ripper) and may pull the trigger and buy one. Before I do though, wanted to ask if there was any fool proof (or obvious) way to tell if it’s original. I know many of the reissues I’ve seen say Reissue on the board but do they all? And I’m just guessing but is it only originals that listed the year in Roman numerals? That’s definetly how it was on the PP boards I had in the late 80s.

Thanks for any info!


  • yea alot of them say reissue but u can also check rather it says s.o.c. 2007 or powell peralta 1989 which is a pretty good giveaway
  • Yeah, that’s what I was hoping to hear. So all the reissues will actually have the year? Thanks for the response Bill!
  • yea pretty much and no problem enjoy ur stay it is a great place!
  • Check truck hole pattern. Or just post it here. I can help you. Have been following them for 13 years
  • Truck hole pattern can be a guide.
    So to the SOC stuff that Biebs said.

    Don’t forget mismatching top graphics with era correct bottom ones(like dragon logo on a Hawk Claw).
    And another giveaway is the modern tails are curved from the air lam procedure as opposed to the old kicks....which just kicked up.
    Finally, the fake stains....are the rails painted with a fake stain?
  • Thanks dudes. @WakeInFright What is it specifically to look for with hole pattern - wider, taller? @Sharks so I was looking at these currently.
  • new school hole pattern vs the old school aka the 8 hole vs the 10 hole
  • Well shit, none of those have a 10 hole pattern. But none of them say Reissue or any year in the 2000's.
  • In the late 80’s/early 90’s decks came out with 12, and sometimes 16 holes so you could choose the length of your nose(12), and or tail(16 holes). Old school holes were 2.5” apart, whilst nu skool are only 2”. The first two decks look old school to me
  • ask customer service they know best
  • Some of the OG Powells have their copywrite/issue date in ROMAN NUMERALS.
    "Powell Corp © MCMLXXXVII " MCMLXXXVII = 1987

  • Look for "XT" and a layer of Boneite from 1987 (?) decks.
  • Sorry for late reply! All are ogs for sure except for first Weli which I cannot see well. But if it doesn’t say reish it’s og
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