Tail guard for breaking

Hey Guys, I bought my first board last week. (complete newbie).
And the first board i bought is a cruiser/longboard, - it feels like back wheels are set really far back.
So it is very hard to tail-break, as the board would become almost vertical when braking.
Is there something i can do to extend the tail, maybe get a tail guard, so the tail can reach asphalt easier?


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    u can but the tail on that board is super short so u would have to file the shit out of it and u could just put ur foot down instead
  • Learn to slide!
  • Sorry to tell you this man, but you got the wrong type of board for tail skidding.
  • Sorry to tell you this man, but you got the wrong type of board for tail skidding.
  • I stand corrected.
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    TBH, this sort of thing should never be your first board unless all you intend to do with it is
    a) catch the bus to get to/from work
    b) beer/420* run
    c) never ollie
    d) to get to the skatepark/spot on so you can use another skateboard
    e) all of the above

    Sorry dude. This isn't even a great set-up to learn to carve on. It's really just a step up from a penny board. I mean... it's fine for your commute and sticking in your backpack, but that's kind of it.

    *I live in a weed-legal area of the Americas. Don't @ me.
  • Can't tell if this thread was started by a troll, but my two cents is, it's a skateboard, so... idk, you can probably figure out how to do some rad shit on it. Def learn some boneless variations, 180 powerslides and bomb hills on that thing until your wheels get flat spots. I bet it would feel like boardsliding a snowboard. You will have to learn foot braking and carving and everything too anyway. Or maybe get some of those longboarding gloves with the dish pads or w/e on the palms.
  • Get a better board, dude.
  • Thanks for your comments guys. Yeah, i think i got the wrong board lol, but now i'm stuck with it. So i've learned how to foot break, and next step is learning slide break. Success rate is not great so far haha.
  • Frontside power slides are easier (to me). I unweight my feet while pushing the back truck out keeping my weight slightly behind the board
  • You almost carve into em
  • It's all about the shoulders.
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