Ollie problem

When I ollie I dont completely level my board. I have a video but dunno how to post it


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    Push your front foot forward while the deck is off the ground to help level out the deck.
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    suck ur knees up to ur chest

  • I am assuming that when you ollie you are focused almost solely on the pop, paying attention to your back foot more than anything. Start to focus on your front foot first, begin to angle your front foot to start to slide it up towards the nose a nanosecond before pushing down on your back foot. I think a lot of people tend to push down with their back foot THEN begin to slide their front foot forward. You almost have to force yourself to remember angle front foot THEN pop, you don't want your front foot flat on the deck when you begin your pop. At least that's how I learned how to clean my ollies up many many years ago.

    Watch this video and notice the front foot beginning the motion just as he's coming out of his crouch. Get that foot in motion so when you pop/jump it's already in motion to level it out.

  • Nice @Chris . Whereas if I follow Biebs’ lead and suck my knees up to my chest all that I will be popping is a ripper of a fart! :s
  • lol farter air to fakie
  • I think people forget to not only jump up but forward. Works for me to combat the evil lazy ollie lol
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