Wheel identification

Hi !
Can anyone help me identify this wheel ? Probably bought in 1989 or 1990...

It looks like Santa Cruz Big Balls 97A, but I can't find this exact logo anywhere on internet. And I would like to know the diameter.



  • Thank you, but it's not the same logo...
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    well probably as close as ur gonna get ill keep looking though but i think ur best bet would be to email santa cruz about them
  • Take a look in the Thrasher Archives to see if there is an ad with that one. I happened to be looking at the April 1989 one and it has an ad listing "Test Flying" for the big balls, so maybe start from May 89 and keep looking until you find it.

  • yep or ask the ppl who were in the photo lol
  • I saw an ad on Pinterest from 89’ but they looked very similar to Bieb’s Big Balls! Could the posted graphic by any chance be the inner graphic, or do they only have pretty pictures on one side?
  • seems like they did that quite a bit in the 80s so maybe
  • The other thing is with the text continuing around the bearing, with the underside closest to the bearing, it is more reminiscent of regular Slimeballs, except with the “Slime” bit of “Slimeballs” all scuffed up. The first b is lowercase, and the G uppercase, which just looks weird.
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    This is a wheel of my first real skateboard, bought in Paris probably in december 1989. It was for my christmas.

    Here is the complete skateboard : H-Street Magnusson mini, Indy 169, Santa Cruz rails.
    It's the only picture I have.

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    I'm sure that the inner was exactly like that :
  • dim sum big blue balls
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