r.i.p. jake phelps


  • King of the road!
  • I didn't care for the phelper but it sucks to hear he passed. I can't imagine Thrasher will have much relevance moving forward. There are so many outlets for skateboarding media at this point I believe anything thats left there will get over shadowed by it all.

    Back when I was a kid we had magazines for skateboarding.. Thrasher, Transworld.. and there was no internet. Wow thats crazy grandpa, how did you guys have any friends with no internet and social media? We just went outside and met people in person. Oh thats scary.
  • And skate videos were harder to come by. Unless you bought one at the skate shop, there was little chance you would find them at Blockbuster. Our window to skateboarding beyond our spots was Thrasher and Transworld. RIP Phelps.
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    The list of high profile skaters dying young or doing time is pretty sobering reading.

    If some good was to come from Jake Phelps death, I'd like it to be: skaters taking better care of themselves.
    And media needs to show the way, step up and show positive role models.
    Youtube video thumbnails for things like 'skaters vs scooters' that show a skater about to whack a scooter rider with a skateboard, need to be taken down ie Jesse Vieira incident.

    Time to act responsibly in front of kids!
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    Instead of being sad or getting angry when someone dies I try to think of the cool things they did.
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