stuff that would make powell peralta be popular again

1. new skateboarding videos
2. new wheel series like the g-bones or mini cubic
3. new skateboard graphic designs


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    Round here every second skater is rolling on bones wheels and reds bearings,, it just aint good enough though
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    >3. new skateboard graphic designs

    This. I would rather buy a Mini Logo deck than 90% of the Powell graphics. The reissues are fine, as are the modern shaped decks with a vintage graphic (Cab dragon, ripper on the fat decks).

    I don't think I would skate any of the skull graphics designed after 1990, and even the ripper or skull and sword on a popsicle are questionable.

    That pretty much leaves the Rat Band or a flight with the generic graphic.

    I have skated zero Powell decks in the last 10 years, but have skated at least 5 Mini Logo. I skate ML trucks, and Bones wheels and bearings.

  • Bones bearings and Bombers forever. But they do need to shake things up graphics-wise imho.
  • yeah they should really start making new graphics not using the same ones as before
  • I dig most of the graphics so... whatever lol
  • Can’t please everyone!
  • maybe George and Stacy are too busy designing pipes, cardigans and slippers,, some new young blood at the round table?
  • Flight technology didn’t design itself!
  • If your not down with P/P don’t ride it. Ride Girl, Chocolate, Santa Cruz, Anti Hero, etc... simple
  • ultra lightweight cored wheels.... a new size lightweight bearing.... a tensor type lightweight truck... new school brake technology for bombing.... wheels that snap on and off... 38mm wheels and 42mm high trucks for a coming 90's revival
  • size 50 pants ;)
  • How about watch Public Domain, or Ban This and watch what the fuckers can do with heavy trucks, wheels, and decks! Lol
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    My all time fav video is a Ban This excerpt of Cab and McGill riding vert, music by Chuck Treece playing ALL instruments and singing too. Awesome edit! Some say the best skate vid from the 80's

    I got a Madrid 10 inch same as Marty McFly rode, but I cant do shit on that except pools/ramp, even then its too tall for me. I reckon new stuff is the future. Having the focus on the past with reissues is not a bad thing, plenty of older skaters listening to the old songs they grew up with,, though a time has come when they're beginning to die off and the market is dwindling.

    Lol you said dwindle.
    Boy scout=be prepared
    Back to the future?

    I catch up with old friends and they keep listening to the old songs.
    Even though I'm old and crusty, I like the new and fresh.
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  • English! Do you speak it?
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