• Cafes change their names every 10 years, and do an interior refit.
    Company logos should be tweaked every 7 years.....
    Alphas need to reincarnate to stay on top as the young pups muscle up.

    Old dragons get heat from new dragons

  • There is at least one cafe near my joint trading under the same moniker for at least 30 years. Great service, quality product, and a reputable name goes a long way!
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    True true, seems like there are two sorts in this world. Those who have the same look and hair style, and those who are always changing their wardrobe and hairstyle. I know the sort of people I want to hang out with.

    re Bronson, the young up and comers always want some territory from big daddy, but its pretty juvenile and testy for a company....
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    mm hmm

  • I reckon I would fire a few shots if someone was sucking my balls too!
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