Getting back into skating after a 12+ year hiatus

I used to skate alot when i was younger starting back when i was 11 years old i did modern style street skating and as i got around 17-18 transitioned into riding longboards and doing old schhol street style. Im 32 now and have not touched a board since i was around 20 but have the itch again. Im not really interested in modern streetstyle anymore i would like to get into pool riding and bowls as i never had the opportunity to do so when i was younger. Whats a good setup for that sort of thing? I really love the style of those old school fishtail boards and such but are they practical for riding nowdays? Or is a traditional popsicle stick more practical?


  • ppl who ride bowls usually ride a 8 inch board with indys or ace and a 55mm+wheel and u can set up ur board however u want but what i wrote is basically the standard for tranny skating
  • I like the 8.75 Agah with Indy 159’s and 56mm 97a slimeball vomits nowadays... but do what makes you happy.
  • @codeman123 you're kind of in luck, it's a good time to be picking from all the choices out there - hard to go wrong. PP has so many cool boards, including the flight decks. Anti-hero, black label, welcome, shipyard, tired, flip, etc, etc. Check out Chuck Hults @ Deckcrafters, you can even get him to make you a killer custom that's a good combo of old & new... Like Bill said, Indy or aces are essential equipment! :)
  • Skate a little bigger than your street set up as a kid. Maybe 0.5-1” wider, and a little longer wheelbase. Truck width to suit, and 60mm wheels so you are not struggling with learning to pump up the trannies!
  • I appreciate all the responses it is very helpful. Im feeling a little crazy and intimidated jumping back into skating at 32. But im excited to get back on the board!
  • Old school fishtail boards are neat. I have one and seldom ride it. For me it's a novelty and not something I want to ride regularly.

    I took almost 20 years off, and in the last 5 have skated everything from 8" with 51 mm wheels up to a 10" reissue with 60s.

    I would recommend an 8.6 to 8.8ish mildly shaped board or popsicle with around an 14.62 to 14.75 wheelbase. I like to have a little shape to give it personality, but there is a reason that decks have evolved to be pretty standard.

    Indy 159s (hollow or Ti if you can afford them) or Ace 55s.

    Wheels - I like the 55-56 range and hard (101+) with fast bearings (Swiss). Hard smaller wheels are as fast as bigger softer wheels and keep the board lower for stability with less wheelbite, and I can still kickflip it at the street park if I want.

    My current bowl setup is an Anti-Hero 8.75 Eagle popsicle, Indy 159 Hollows, Spitfire 55mm 101a Lock Ins - although I also have 55mm V5 STF and 56mm SPF P5 and all are fast.

    If anyoneone from SkateOne is listening - Cut 1/2" off the width of the 9.26 cab and ship it. That K15 concave in a shaped 8.75 with a 14.75 wb would be dandy.
  • there are ppl nowadays who are skating in their 70s so dont feel like ur too old cause as long as U enjoy doing it that is all that matters
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    The same thing happened to me in my early 30s and I go back and forth about this. My advice is to get back into what you were last comfortable with, and maybe branch out later. It seems to me like Popsicle stick shapes are genuinely better, in terms of more technical trick progression, but not necessarily better, in terms of feeling stable on transitions. Then again maybe that's b/c I feel more comfortable on an 80s shape.
  • Well.. i got my board in yesterday. Put it together and went cruising around this afternoon in the same parking lot i taught myself to skate in 20 years ago. 20 years later and reteaching myself. The first 30mins or so where rough but after a little bit longer i started riding again with ease. Can't pull off any tricks anymore lol..but i was happy i could just ride around, turn, tick tac etc. Felt really good now just need to find a friend to join me!
  • u will get there
  • Get a deck with an oval dragon on top, get some Indy 159s, get some 90a Rat Bones and you will be satisfied.....
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