Easy streets 99a

Does anyone have any experience riding the 99a stf easy streets yet. I'm looking at trying out either the 55mm v5's or some f4 99a conical fulls. Insights on either would be appreciated.
My p5 58mm spf 84b feel too hard and maybe a bit slim. My 56mm g-slides feel awesome and stable, due to the soft duro and wide riding surface. But I'm ready for a harder wheel with a bit less riding surface.


  • @memorycide I just picked up a set out of curiosity, but haven't had a chance to try them out yet. I've tried both the 99 & 101 spitfire formula fours, and while my friend only rides them, I'm definitely more of a bones wheel fan - both hard & soft. For instance, my other buddy had the spit chargers, and while I thought they were alright, the rough riders & g-slides blow them away imho. Anyway, stay tuned, I'll let you know how the easy streets go... :)
  • @captaind Thanks man. What size did you pick up? And did you get the v1, v5 sidecuts, or the p2 fatties?
    I was also interested in the fatties because one comes in 56mm. Researching the p2 shape i could only find 1 source for riding surface of those. Tactics lists a p2 54mm @ 19mm (if they are acurate) so i was guessing the 56mm would be like a 20mm?
    I e-mailed Kam @ Skate1 and he said he went down to the warehouse and measured them @ 18mm. ???
    Anyway, very curious to hear how they ride. All the reviews i can find seem sponsored.
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    I found SPF a great wheel for smooth cement but slippery on wood and too hard for the rough, puts you off hard wheels unless your on smooth cement all the time.. But STF is good on wood and better all round than SPF even though the durometer rating is only one point difference. I think the formula may alter a little, I've had STF feel harder like SPF and had soft feeling STF urethane as well. But no haven't tried the easy streets, probably like my softer STF's which were the ones I preferred.
  • @Wheelbyte thanks for the insight man
  • I just found this discussion. The feel sounds promising here.
  • If I'm not at the park it's a guarantee that I'm skating on rough concrete or asphalt, and it's for that reason that I've come back around to the Spitfire F4 99a's, though the 103b STF formula wheels feel noticeably better on that than my SPF's. I'm real curious about the Bones 99a in that formula.
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    @SkaterRick good to know, which shape of the f4's are you riding, and what size? I'm eyeing up the 56mm f4 conical full, or the 55mm easy's. Going on my 9.25 flight with 169 indy's
  • @memorycide I'm skating the regular radial shape in 56mm because they came on a second hand complete. I replaced them with some SPF clears because I lost it several times trying to stick to a bowl (one of which resulted in some face rash). I found I liked them quite a bit when I start rolling around the street more (mostly my driveway), but out in the world they're still a bit hard for a commute where I'm crossing a lot of old asphalt and sidewalks.
  • @memorycide I got the 54 fatties cause they were in stock at the local shop, they remind me of a cross between the regular stfs and spit F4 99s... Like @SkaterRick says on cracks & rough asphalt they're still a hard teeth rattler, but I do like how they feel on smoother sidewalks. They slide better than spitfires too, and are a bit faster I think (my die hard spitfire buddy disagrees though, but keep in mind he's a bit more prejudiced than I am lol) :)
  • @captaind Thanks man! How did you find the shape and the width of those fatties? Did they seem wide or heavy compared to your regular stfs? How's the riding surface, is it slim for the size of wheel? So you find them still a bit hard on the rough?
    Sorry for the ton of questions
  • I wish i had some 56mm 95a DTFs. I think they'd be perfect for my needs.
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    Wheel slides on wood ramp will suffer with dtf, plus landing tricks on soft wheels can cause sticky grabs and make landing more difficult than a wheel that slides a little. The Mini logo 99a in conical are good for the price, but price wise the easy streets are a premium formula like dtf stf spf. I like 99a wheels, best of both worlds. Todays fast roll on 56mm spfs with good bearings was unreal, one of the fastest park setups I've rode. Cant beat spf for speed
  • @memorycide no worries - I honestly didn't have any real adjustments with the size & shape of the fatties - when I first held them in hand I must admit had a few reservations, but after I set them up & rode them they just felt fine - no weird tweaks to my trucks or anything ( you know how sometimes a new set of wheels can totally throw off your trucks geometry or responsiveness?) . Funny, when the rough riders came out I had similar apprehensions about the width on them, but they also weren't noticeably different either. The only thing that did mess with my head was when I tried the 59mm vs the 56mm(rough riders), I didn't like them at first, but prefer them now. I'm with you on the dtfs, I thought they were a great wheel. Can't believe they were ever discontinued, others I talked to about them always had positive responses too. I'd say if you liked the dtfs, these are almost closer feeling to them than the regular stfs, which I've had several versions of over the years. I almost can envision skate one branching off into several closely related formulas to fill that not too soft/not too hard gap. Rumor mill I heard through the grapevine is those experimental wheels Andy anderson is riding in several recent videos was 97 duro... anyone else hear anything similar?
  • @Wheelbyte thanks for the input on the dtfs, food for thoughf, though they aren't available anyway.
  • @captaind thanks for info on the fatties and the insight. Speaking if 97a, one of my other considerations for a new wheel is the 56mm oj/creature bloodsuckers they're @ 97a.
    So its down to this for me based my info,
    -56mm f4 conical full 99a
    -55mm easy life 99a (like the sidecut shape)
    -56mm bloodsuckers 97a
    There can be only one.... for now anyway
  • Oj 97a formula rules. Blows Bones spf/stf outta the water imo
  • @ppk187 good to know man!
  • u cant really compare stf to a 97a wheel because stf is for hardcore street skaters while stuff like 97a is more for old school riders
  • I can Bill.... the stf’s are way too hard for skating real streets... at least my streets while the 97’s are more forgiving of weathered asphalt and they slide like hell when I want them too. Plus... they’re good on ramps, plaster pools, and smooth skateparks- eliminating the need to have different wheels for each terrain. Again- just my opinion, not calling anyone out for not skating real street; it’s just the shit I skate up here isn’t well manicured by any means
  • As an aside, and I’ve mentioned this before in the past, P/P’s 97a feels more like a 95a which is too soft for me and don’t give the same slideability.
  • Ordered the 56mm 97a oj/creature bloodsuckers from my local shop. Should have them next week. Thanks everyone for your input. I'm confident they will suit my needs.
  • well i feel u that is how city streets are
  • Stf’s and the like rattle my teeth out
  • skate rattle and roll
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