why does powell peralta not make skate videos anymore

as i saw from Wikipedia, there has not been one since 2009


  • yea they kind of slack on stuff there was gonna be another one but they cancelled it after they kicked off the whole team and they were also gonna release a canada tour video in 04 but they didnt release that either
  • I don't know how much it matters given the amount of content that's constantly being released to social media. My Instagram feed is full of clips. I'd wager they create more than ever, they're just not coming out in formal video releases like we used to have. I'm not sure they'd sell very many. You'll notice they've been on discount on the site for a long time.
  • YouTube is like a mental condition, and will be in the next dsm as a media addiction. Activating the mirror neurons by watching video improves skills though. I swear my surf stance is an imitation of all the pipeline I've watched
  • @Wheelbyte, I read a book called "Brain Rules" that was written by a neurologist, and he explained what you're describing. Watching someone do something "lights up" the same parts of the brain as actually doing it. Unfortunately that hasn't translated into skate skills for me...
  • Its like having heros that you aspire to, and begin to emulate. I think it occurs more in those who open themselves up, and consciously allow themselves to be influenced by their hearts desire, though unconscious admiration does pretty much the same. I'm trying to get my head around andy anderson atm, and riding a 9.2 in super slow freestyle freeze frame
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