Old school setup for a Lance Mountain deck

Hi everyone,
to make a long story short: I want to skateboarding again in even if I'm 40..

The deck you see in the picture is a Lance Mountain I bought in the 90s. The board itself is in well condition as at that time it was the latest one I bought and used only for a short period.

The problem as you can see is that trucks, wheels, bearings and grip needs to be replaced.
Even if the deck in not in line with current stanrdards, I'd like to use it mostly for cruising, some ollies and the couple of tricks I'm still able to do.

Desk size is approximatly:

23.5cm -> 9.25in (front axis)
21.0cm -> 8.25in (rear axis)
77.0cm -> 30.0in (lenght)

I'm tall 173cm/5'8" and I'm looking for new trucks, new wheels, new bearings and a new grip for this deck.

Can you please help me find a good combination? In need also suggestions for bearings and risers. I don't mind about costs, so feel free to suggest even high level components but please don't exaggerated.
Things like a nostalgic old skater what to start again enjoy riding a skateboard and I don't want to became a pro ;)



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    Indy 159s with some 85a Bombers or 85a Rat Bones if you want to cruise and do tricks.
  • ^Pretty sure from what I've seen that that is going to be ovaldragon's answer regardless of what the question is :smile:
  • Lol... 85a
  • Ovaldragon is right. Use a hairdryer to pry off the grip, apply new grip, and throw some 85A Bombers and Indy 159s on there with big risers and new bushings. Bombers are great for any surface and still slide.
  • Can you still roll on it? I know it looks pretty rough but I've seen guys do it. Personally I'd hang that one and get a new deck too. Ovaldragon's recommendation is a good one (even if I did razz him about it).
  • That’s a Lance Mountain Junior. I have one for me eldest son that’s turning 9 in 4 months. I set his up 6 years ago with Gullwing trucks that are 8.5” wide and Bombers in 85a, and Bones Red. A great setup to learn on imo
  • I'd buy new bearings - Mini Logo or Bones Reds.
    I'd buy new bushings for the trucks and a 1/4" shorter kingpin (most likely a grade 8 bolt at the local hardware would fit)
    I'd then get rid of the risers and put new hardware in.

    Total spend would be about $25-$30.

    Then I'd skate it as a townie - and buy a new setup.

  • 85’s are too soft in my opinion. 90a would be a better option if you’re looking for a softer urethane but not as much “squish”. I have a set of rat bones in 85 and they squish around too much when landing and don’t slide for shit. Just my two cents..
  • Go low, tall skateboards are more difficult to learn on for older adults
    A slower roll with small wheels makes things easier too

    If your core muscles are tight you could go taller/faster....
  • SP3 concave + Indy Standards + 60mm wheels + 1/4” riser = badass!
  • We need to know about where OP is going to skate. If they are going to ease into it as transport on rough roads, sidewalks and in parking lots, 85A is going to be fine. If they are a parks-only skater, or live in an area where everything is glassy smooth, a harder duro would make more sense.
  • hey guys, thanks for all the suggestions, I really much appreciate and let me to investigate a bit more. On saturday I was so excited about getting my feet again on a skateboard that I disassembled and clean the deck, went to a skate shop to assembly with modern hardware. So this is the old setup and this is the new one :blush:

    Truck Independent (the standard one), 55mm Clouds Red 86a Ricta wheel, Bones Bearing, new screens and bolts, and a fancy grip tape.

    Just had a cruising and it never felt better. I made my first ollie like it was in my 16 :mrgreen: I'm really happy and will see my progress in next weeks. I hope to not break a leg :mrgreen:
  • Good luck, Farnis. I tried out those Clouds recently, lmk what you think in a few months if you are still posting here.
  • @ghostbuster you didn't like them? I did a trial today, and the skateboard setup is really better than the previous one. I'm probably excited about the new setup, a bit biased and not so experienced so my feedback now is really useless.
  • They are pretty good all-rounders like Bombers, in my experience, but not as durable.
  • I have been using skateboard for since 2018 before that I was using electric scooter but I think the HyperOutdoor Skateboard is amazing. You should try that too @farnis
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