Concussions? The end of modern sport?

Spate of media how scientists are coming out saying no under 12's to play contact sport.
Couple of top football [soccer] strikers/headerers dead from CTE in the news this week.

USA soccer authorities banned ALL under 10's from headers, nationwide. And moves 'a foot' to remove the header from the game altogether.

Not a good time to invest in sport stocks or related businesses like physiotherapy, football boots ....

I was thinking of doing a sports coaching course and positioning myself as a skate coach for adult absolute beginners, now maybe not.
I think skating will be forced to change, and flatground freestyle and other styles of skating may make a comeback.

With so many newbies buying a board, soon getting hurt then leaving the sport and taking their money with them, a de-powering of the how - to - skate imperative will keep these early quitters and their money in the industry longer.

I have CTE and struggled with learning mini ramp and pump track due to the up and down motions jostling my brain.
So I try to stick to plazas now.
However, I think mini ramp and pump track motions kind of detoxed the tau tangles in my melon as I dont get headache or next day fatigue like I used to. But then I hardly ride mini/pump now.

Luckily, I like old school freestyle as I'm 56 and grew up with it.
Nowadays, I enjoy watching Andy Anderson skating, and think his mashup of the old and new to maybe be a genesis for future trends in skateboarding.

Kids still love zooming on concrete on wooden toys and scooters, so how its done is important as the world turns and new research shows harms in the light of truth.

Anyone with children needs to think twice when it comes to sports and concussion.

It may even be said that extreme sports can/may/does over stimulate the brain, and offers more harm than good in the long run, even without injury :shock:
The Greeks and the age of reason were also the birthplace of modern sport, so how it survives moving forward will be interesting.

I use a bicycle to get around, but the close calls and all the injury stats are worrying me to the extent I may quit cycle commutes until local cycle lanes are finished. Even then, its problematic. Had 2 bikes nicked one last week, cops do nothing as it sucks resources and 'eats into' doughnut time. Super hilly with fast descents here in Auckland too, coupled with side street traffic not seeing you, its ultra dangerous.

I recently starting walking instead as adrenal insufficiency from close calls was affecting me.
PTSD from cycling in traffic :shock:

Everything I love doing is harming my brain :shock


  • One time I got a bike stolen 6 hours after I bought it.
  • well u can get a concussion just from walking down the street by someone hitting u in the head but u gotta live ur life so just wear a helmet
  • 6 hours... well thats bound to put you off. I really enjoyed walking this week and skating the pavement where I could [city puts antiskate ruts in end of every concrete pour, even 75mm wheels suck]. Cycling in traffic is worrying me as the serious injury stats are terrible here.
  • dont worry about it and just live ur life and watch urself
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    Some days I have to take evasive action 3 or 4 times as many drivers are morons, its a numbers game and I ride everyday. To not appreciate the danger is willful ignorance. I really did develop ptsd just from the close calls. The only way not to worry is to drive or bus or walk/skate the sidewalk.
  • no doubt about that
  • Shredders like Andy Anderson wear helmets....hopefully he can be an influence to this upcoming generation of skaters. It doesn’t help that most skate contest these days deduct points for wearing helmets and pads.
  • And magazines need a cover of a skater wearing a helmet. And comps need to start having mandatory helmet rules.
    Helmut manufacturers need to make cool ones, as most are too hot to skate in. Cycle helmets are more vented, plus there is more breeze when speeding through the air.

    BUT, helmets dont actually prevent concussion that much at all, the brain still smashes against the skull plates. However, they are still worth it for sure.

    My worst concussion occurred during a big wave wipe-out, when my head didnt hit anything at all.

    Trampoline use and roller-coasters cause brain damage
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    I think people should be educated so that they can make their minds up for themselves, AND that helmets and pads shouldn’t be looked at as dumb or weak, BUT.... I don’t think the fun police should be able to roll up and force pad use on anyone. I ride motorcycles and gladly wear a helmet and I skate with pads and a helmet on transition but not cruising through my neighborhood. Is that logically smart, no but I appreciate the fact that it’s my choice to be made and no one else’s.
  • The state spends all this money educating and preparing little Johnny for work and taxes.

    Now that the state understands TBI and related costs,, if the arm wrestle with big farmer is won, the state will probably soon make you wear one, and no one will be playing football anymore. Who knows, maybe the farmers win.

    Maybe the state wants to keep enabling Darwins stop buttons, like some religious 'free will' feat natural selection. Who knows, maybe this future direction will belong to the bean counters.

    Regarding skating, helmuts do not prevent concussions by that much at all, but are all good tho for fractures, cuts and contusions.

    Since most skate deaths occur from either hill bombing fails or hit by vehicles, cruising through the neighborhood may be the best time to wear one
  • i remember lance mountain said not too long ago he was suppose to get a thrasher cover but didnt get it because of wearing a helmet
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    Maybe they are sponsored by vested interests.

    Just thinking about a concussion-less future, or one with a massive reduction in TBI.
    Around here many Indian, Chinese and Muslim migrants already have a concussion-less lifestyle going on. No booze or weed either. Actually a lot of Indian guys like their ganja. They get to breed successfully, and go to college to work for the man.
    For fully westernised migrants, indigenous peoples and whitey, things like wrestling, racket sports, golf, gymnastiness [not trampoline], bowling, flatground freestyle etc would still be fine, so it wouldn't be the end of the world for 'sports'.

    Who knows, maybe in 100 yrs when everyone lives to 120 yrs old, they'll look back and be so risk adverse then and say this generation were like hard drinking, short lived cowboys or something.

    My Chinese neighbours just keep working ridiculous hours like 12 hour days 6 days a week and buying more houses, and probably think I'm nuts and wasting my life.

    Must store more nuts
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    @Wheelbyte, at the start we come out of a similar hole, and in the end we go into a similar hole. Not race, nor creed, class, money, or whatever changes that. And to top it off, there are very few people whose arses are wiped for them from birth to death. Do what you will, be happy for it, and live a life of no regret! Fuck what you see over for your own yard dude!
  • Do contests really deduct points for helmets and pads?
  • Hey Wakeys back!
    I have bats in my yard and ceiling. Sometimes they fly around inside and eat spiders. But no one believes me.
    Footy refs are so corrupt now It would be naive to think skate contests were not exempt for bad calls by judges.
  • I believe you, @Wheelbyte .
  • I wrestled a dragon by its tail to save the life of a fair German too, on the Island of Komodo.
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    @Wheelbyte Did the dragon you wrestled look like an oval dragon?
  • Was a 10ft male komodo dragon, I got nicknamed Komodo Dundee for a while
  • Dude, you're cracking me up!
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    Thats about it sorry, the rest is fairly normal.
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