RIP Ben Raemers

1990-2019. Suicide. Not good. Awesome skater and all round nice guy


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    RIP Benjamin
  • i just want to throw it out there that if any one here on the forum ever feels suicidal please feel free to hit me up anytime rather it be here or on fb or instagram
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    High rate of suicide among the concussed, Phelps had multiple concussions in the 2 years prior. Can be ameliorated though with proper attitude adjustment. For youngsters its often girlfriend and bullying issues
  • "SSRIstories is dedicated to posting news articles about antidepressant problems. Many of us have long suspected that many suicides and homicides in the news are medication-induced even though medication is never mentioned, and where no contributory role is suspected by officialdom. There is a U.K. organization called Hundredfamilies ( ). It is concerned about homicides committed by people who are mentally ill, and wants the government to do more to prevent these deaths. In fact, the NHS often does review or investigate such cases, where a perpetrator was receiving mental health care from them. These independent reviews offer a fascinating glimpse behind the scenes."

    Getting 'help' is fraught with problems today.Suicide and homicidal ideation is often listed as a side effect
  • Thrasher never said how Phelps died.... wasn’t it from the consequences of a nasty slam bombing a San Fran Street?
  • that happened way before his death
  • He was in NZ and OZ in the last year and slammed his head hard twice over here
  • @ovaldragon first I thought you said Slam and DESTROY, and was going to reply with SPAM and DESTROY. But then I remembered how to read... This reply has not point what so ever.
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