Your next deck?

Mine....Orange Gelfand! My current purple one is too much fun!


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    i dont know it is a dilemma for me i already have them still in the box so lol

    either which is a 7,75


    which is 7.88

  • I'd like an Andy Anderson flight deck in 9.2 but I think they only come in 8.4
  • Andy’s 9.3 flight deck is available on SoCal right now
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    Powell Peralta Pro Andy Anderson Heron Flight® Skateboard Deck - 9.13 x 32.8

    The heron influence could be just what I need right now...

    There are many occasions for which Heron makes a perfect Power Animal including:

    Focusing on a specific aspect of your life and figuring it out.
    Working toward greater independence and responsibility (standing on your own two feet).
    Measuring options.
    Becoming confident in your aptitudes.
    Inspiring the spirit of exploration.
    Developing stamina, dauntlessness and resolve.
    Honing the specifics of your personal path.
    Re-approach efforts that previously failed.

  • Thinking about going back to a Popsicle shape but much smaller than last time, like 7.5 or smaller; that or a Flight Deck Ripper.
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    Today was riding back from picking up some Bones Super Swiss 6 and a heron crossed my path just in front of me. Closest I ever been to one, maybe only 5 meters and we eyeballed each other as I cruised past.
    Two nights ago I watched a flick were the heroine was taught to recognize when the spirit bird was there to help her.

    I think this means PP should give me an Anderson 9.13 Heron Flight?
  • Put some cream on and dream on maybe? You know, cream/dream?
    Or eat a kiwi and meet a kiwi?
    Ride Rat Bones and dig up a dead rat so that you may get the bones?
    So many opportunities!
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    game shame maim blame tame fame same defame inflame reclaim lame

    Prolly need to ask some natives eh?
    Maybe it means I'm actually Andy Anderson's twin soul!
    The kookier one...oh wait
    Maybe it means PP are going to give me some free stuff?
  • Rat Bones are the answer!
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