Caballero Moto crash. Broken femur.



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    I once read pot was good for broken bones,, team riders, but I can't remember if it was for healing broken bones or causing broken bones. Its good for memory too
  • Cab should stick to skating....
  • I hope he recovers fully. That must have been extremely painful.
  • Motorcycles are a Darwinian filter!
  • Welcome to old age Cab. Hope it doesn't have long-term affects. I absolutely fucked up my shoulder skating 7 years ago, and it changed my life...
  • Changed your life how @cwalker3 ?
  • It’s still so messed up that I can’t be as active as I once was. Especially with the prospect of it falling apart more. Full grade 4 separation, my clavicle is no longer connected to the scapula. There is no good surgery, it’s just stuck like this...
  • @cwalker3
    So do you just cruise now? I’m 46 and don’t have any injuries but skating is getting harder and harder as the years progress. My bag of tricks has been the same for about 6 years. I just do what I can and have fun ....which means I mostly skate curbs and mellow bowls.
  • fun is the name of the game
  • no pain no gain
    Hope he recovers well and strong
    Best wishes Cab
  • he will have to take a cab to places for awhile ;)
  • Healing gets slower and slower, but does still happen! So does learning new tricks-- just not very often, and then only if I am skating every day.
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    Nutrition is huge when older, a lot of the time the body ages early due to diet and lifestyle. Genetics too, Mullen has longevity genes as well as nil-by-mouth discipline
  • "Healing gets slower and slower, but does still happen!"

    That was exactly my mentality. Until I got an injury that surgeon's said can't be fixed... Full AC ligament tears are no fun.
  • one of my favorite pro skaters had to get a whole new shoulder after doing a bomb drop a year ago or so
  • I have a ligament tear too, and nerve damage, and some other stuff that sometimes seems chronic, but I am still holding out hope and eating blueberries. The human body is an amazing thing.
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    just found out a friend of mine who is a former bones brigader just got into a car accident some bitch ran a stop sign someone really hates the bones brigade
  • Who is the former BB? Gelfand?
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    no my boy rodney and not mullen lol

  • Good luck Cab. I feel compelled to post something here, as I turned 50 a few weeks ago and just started to learn skateboarding on my 50th birthday. I am now about 3 weeks in and managed my first drop ins on a small quarter-pipe this weekend, and I am slowly learning how to ollie. To start, I used Cab's video of skateboard basics that he made with his children. So, just want to say thanks to Cab for the instruction, and get well soon!
  • @dofrenzy
    Get a pig with an Oval Dragon on top and some Rat Bones and you will be ripping!
  • @ovaldragon
    I will definitely look into rat bones wheels. As for pigs (I am assuming that is a skateboard), more than 5 years ago I got two Powell Peralta boards, a skull and sword and a skull and snake. They sat in my garage for 5 years and had a total of maybe 20 minutes of pushing and tic tacs. I actually gave the skull and snake away to a young,aspiring skateboarder about 6 months ago. So my main board is the skull and sword now, and my 2nd board is a "Diamond Dragon" (like an oval with points?)...usually called a "Golden Dragon" that I just got a few weeks ago.
  • @dofrenzy Ignore the Pig advice. Why make things harder than they need to be? Recent skateboards are that shape for a reason. Good concave makes things easier.

    Zero chance of me ever skating a Powell reissue. Too damn flat.

    If the only board I had was a pig shape, I wouldn't skate.

    I have similar opinions of the Rat bones. Maybe fine on my third setup as a cruiser, but no way am I putting them on a board I ride regularly.

  • @BackInAction Thank you for the education. In spite of my status as an elderly person, I am totally new to skateboarding and not hip to the groovy lingo (did I say that right)? :wink: For now I am sticking with the "complete" boards that are setup by someone with a clue! Of course, I have seen the pig boards but didn't know that they had that name.
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