Issue with truck to deck width

Hey guys, I haven't been around in awhile. Life and shit, blah blah blah... :)

Anyways, I got a couple sweet reissues last year after not skating in 15 years and now I'm considering getting a popsicle, don't hate me!
I know I wanna get a set of Tracker Axis trucks, which come in a 129mm with 7.75" axle and 139mm with a 8.25" axle.

The issue is I've settled on an 8" deck width and either of these options are 1/4" below or beyond that width.

Could you guys please advise me on which length might be the better choice. I could go with a 8.25" deck,
which might not make too big a difference, but would prefer the 8".

Thanks dudes!


  • u have to factor in the wheels too as they will give u a bit of length but they do make exactly 8 inch trucks for 8 inch boards
  • First up I would look at your foot size and body shape, and how you are gonna skate, like transition or flatground or plaza. Either way you dont want to see your wheels poking out from under if your looking straight down, but if your a bit fat, a little extra truck width and wheels almost showing, can actually help with stability. If your totally tech trick orientated like flip tricks and ledge tricks, going a bit narrower trucks will help with board spins.
    Truck height selection will depend on wheel size too.

    Whats your height and weight and shoe size? How/where are you gonna skate?
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    Thanks for the feedback guys!

    @Wheelbyte I'm 5'9" 215 lbs, 97.5 kgs (heavy but actively losing weight) and wear a size 11.

    I'm mostly looking to skate street. I love 80's style skating. Parking lots, neighborhood, etc. Maybe the occasional park but nothing crazy. I'm not interested in big parks, stairs, 5 ft rails or any of that stuff. I'm more skating casually for fun. A few flips, curbs, etc.
  • You're the same dimensions as me, and I'm losing weight too and down to 93kg now, aiming for early 80's or less.
    I rotate mostly between 8.15 and 8.25. The 8.25 has wider trucks relative to width, than the 8.15, and has wider contact wheels than the 8.15.

    I prefer the wider setup with relatively wider trucks, but ride both as like the 52mm stf's on the 8.15.

    I'd look at some bones easy streets 99a 52mm wheels as they will work better out of parks.

    8.15 would be my bare minimum recommendation until you lose weight and develop more skills

    A lot of riders round here like extra width like 8.5 to 9inch pops, so its really personal preference. Most of the older guys who skate good, seem to stay narrower as thats what they grew up with, and its lighter.

    I find lo trucks easier to learn on, as well as small wheels, but for bumpy ground you dont want too small as they catch stones and cracks
  • Super helpful man, thank you! Do you have any recommendations for low trucks?
  • As far as pops go I alternate between an 8.5 and and 8.75. Indy 149’s or 159’s with 56mm wheels. Street and mini ramp mainly- no risers. I’ve always preferred my wheels almost flush the the deck rail- sometimes in a bit sometimes out a bit depending on the setup. I prefer wider trucks cause they’re easier for me to lock into grinds
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    All the street league skaters look like they err on the side of wider trucks

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