Hi guys new here and just getting back into skating getting my mate to reteach me. Still a bit wobbly but getting there and need to learn to break, came off a few weeks ago and ankle is still killing me.

Anyway have got a couple boards and looking to build a old school deck for cruising along the seafront so is mainly for chill rides and a bit of turning.

So deck I'm going for is the santa cruz natas kitten 9.89" wide and 29.98" long. Gonna get some 78a 60mm wheels for smooth ride.

But I'm struggling to figure out which trucks. Have been looking at the gullwing pro 3 9". The Paris V2 180mm. Gullwing chargers 9" and of course indy 169. But preferably want some with colour like the gulls and paris.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • seems like u already answered ur own question
  • Would Indy's 159 be too small though. And know the paris V2 has rkp dunno if that makes too much difference on that type of deck.
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    ppl skate rkp on old school boards no big whoop even pros do it and size of trucks only matter if ur anal about them not matching up with the size of ur board (it really doesnt matter but there are just ppl out there who care a little too much) and u also gotta factor in the wheel length but here is a guide:
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    You really should compare the trucks with the actual deck. Numbers mean very little because different board companies measure width differently. For example SkateOne measure along the concave on the bottom. Some measure along the concave on the top. Some measure a straight line along the top(like a bridge over the concave). I bought a Welcome Miller the other day, great deck, and it is listed as 9.6” wide. It felt bigger. I measured like a bridge along the top and it was a smidge over 9.75”. I measured the SkateOne way and it is 10”. I will use 159’s on it as the deck tapers from wider at the front to not so wide at the rear.
    The best thing to do is lay the deck down, put the trucks over the holes, and consider the wheel width. It will avoid disappointment.
  • I really like my Gullwing Pro III's on my cruiser, for what that's worth. I have them on a 10" Hawk Claw and they look and feel fine.
  • You gotta go with the feeling man
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    Don't forget the riser pads.

    The first setup i put togethet after 15ish years off was very very similar to your idea. I'll say this; I was much more comfortable skating a lower more modern/popsicle setup when I got back into skating. And, I grew out of 'just cruising' really quickly and wanted something that could do more.

    I'm totally not deterring you from getting a rad fish tail style setup. I have two I love. But if you plan on initially investing in one kind of all-a rounder, maybe think twice about a setup simply for cruising.
  • Thanks everyone for the help. Really appreciate it. I get what you mean that just go for what feels right just so many different numbers etc gets a bit confusing ????.
    Think I'll try some indy 159s with a 1/4 riser see how that feels and if need to go wider push it up to 169s or the gullwings 9".
    Have got myself a popsicle board and is lovely but the roads around here in the UK are awful with hard wheels.
    Cheers again for the help.
  • 169's could be better but depends on how wide the wheels are
    I would do what @wakey suggested and lay different trucks over the holes
    esp once you have decided on a wheel

    I got some cheap core trucks that are 177mm hangers or 9.75 axles
    not too bad, has a spline kingpin, a bit lightweight
    and probably only 1/3 the cost of indys
  • Yea think I'll go slime balls 78a 60mm by 40.4mm. Nice and soft
    Looked at the mini logo but widest they do is 8.75
  • My opinion is that Mini Logo trucks are too low for a 60mm wheels.
  • @peanutzfordave I put together a Vision Gonz OG concave deck with Gullwing pro III trucks, 1/4" risers, and 78a 60mm slimeballs. It totally rules for cruising around on.
  • @ovaldragon yeah my 9 3/4 core trucks are only 52mm high, kinda weird for such a wide axle, however it does allow for a cruiser comforting shock pad or rubber riser if you want to ride smaller wheels say 55's and still keep the deck low to the ground
    but usually cruisers need good turning characteristics
    imagine not being able to carve your cruiser and having to resort to kick turns in tight places
  • venture is about to come out with a 8.75 truck
  • Yea and think santa cruz got some coming out too.
    Just love the shape to the natas kitten.
    But Powell og bug in green looks sick too
  • Kinda want red trucks dunno if the gullwings in orange would be too much or green.
    Think red would suit that deck well but obviously function over form
  • @brigade_bill yeah point taken about caring too much, I just watched youtube setups and plenty of pros ride axles quite a bit narrower than their decks, I think cause I have a heavy top end/wide shoulders and aint flipping much at all, the wider trucks suit me more. Still hanging on to some 5inch trucks
  • Has anyone had experience with the bear polar 155 (says is 9" wide but read 8.75" as well) or the tracker dart 6 161. Any of those ok
  • I heard darts were crap but could be wrong
  • The 9” Sixtracks Dart is great. Only issue I have is stock cushions, and truck alloy is super slippery. Like you have to grind some concrete first before attempting to try grinding or dropping in on metal coping from axle stall!
  • No worries there then as don't plan on dropping in or grinding haha. Is more for cruising so was wondering how they feel and turn. Or compared to Indy's
  • They turn just fine. Indy’s are more reactive, but that can be good or bad depending on what you want!
  • Cheers. Thinking playing it safe and going Indy's and switching out the bushings for bones.
    Wheels wise was thinking slimeballs, oj super juice or oj hot juice. Need a soft ride so probably a 1/4 riser too
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