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Does anyone know which helmets vent away heat the best? I know white is better


  • I use a Bern. Best investment I have made. Far superior to the Protec I had before, especially for fit and comfort.
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    Yeah thanks for the link Bill
    I 'm being fussy again and think that current product could be way better.
    Bern looks good Wakey, the more I look at the hard peak the more I like the idea of them. I think the peaks should be bigger, but I guess the exterior shell is already sitting 30-35mm off your forehead.

    I think I want a big wide helmet that casts a lot of shade on my neck, shoulders, upper backand chest, as well as somewhat protecting the face and chin by being so big on top of the head.
    I think a really big wide helmet would vent way better than all the current ones. The surface area or contact patch that the lining presses against the head and hair could be minimized and still offer the same if not more protection. In fact like an insulating wall, thicker may mean better impact absorption. Think 6 inch thick helmets. Then you also wouldn't need the peak.

    Its because of my sensory processing disorder,, a hot brain affects me more than most others but everyone is affected by a hot brain.

    'Winter Wakes Up Your Mind--and Warm Weather Makes it Harder to Think Straight'

    Maybe thats Daewons secret of his beanie, keeping his brain hot has allowed for adaption...
    I recently cut my long hair and my brain felt more efficient for a week or two... then adaption occurred
  • u may also like the capix helmets
  • Yea nah the big peaks are good but most of the capix designs have poor venting andno shade to back or sides.
    Looks like I'll be sticking with my super well vented cycling helmet with minimal contact of inner liner to head and hair, super lightweight too, just back of head is a bit vulnerable

    Style over substance in the skate helmet market,, I'm so disappointed. Meh
  • A hard plastic sombrero with mega venting
    or a german helmet x japanese samuri helmet with super heavy as flare to lower edge and capix length peak and mega venting
    ***someone please make these***
  • Methinks @Wheelbyte wants to look like Animal Chin when skating!
  • I am channeling Animal Chin, right now
  • Fabric flaps that hang down like a legionnaires hat should replace wide side and back brims/peaks. Skating when cold or at night or indoors means a wide brim and peaks become unnecessary and pointless unless sunny and outdoor. Certain minimal peaks and such DO protect the nose/chin/teeth though....

    In summer I soak a dish towel, wring out a little water, and wear it under my helmet with my neck covered. Sometimes I soak the top half of my tee shirt too. Works great for 40 minutes in high heat.

    Most skate/bmx style helmets need better all season venting though in my opinion.
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