t-Shirts ?

Why doesn't Skate1 have chicken skull tshirts- or any Hawk shirts at all? Or any of the new pros? I'd like a Decenzo tshirt or that Blair bushido graphic on a T.


  • They have Andy Anderson! I wonder if they ever did Killian Martin? That would be rad! Or Frankie Hill? They did Vallely and Barbee!
  • @McRad honestly i would take their whole stock so even if they did you wouldn't get any
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    because tony hawk has his own clothing company so they would need to buy a license from him to print his name on something even though they own the chicken skull graphic and quiksilver used to have the license for his name but they basically went out of business and rebranded itself and he hasnt rode for them for a long time
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    well, see the Anderson shirt? No name on there. Just the graphic and the AA initials. Not sure whats stopping them from putting out the VCJ chicken skull graphic as a shirt without the name. It would sell millions
  • yea it would be dope to have and who knows what the situation is besides s1 and th
  • add to my xmas Tshirt wish list: the Bones Flammable design, The Animal Chin Mask/upside down Pagoda, and the KEVIN HARRIS MOUNTIE.
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    What about something new like an an Samurai Warrior Skeleton? Kangaroo Skeleton? or Kiwi bird skeleton? Or if you have never seen footage of surf at skeleton bay namibia hers a 1.5min vid

  • i wish PP would put me in charge of tshirts. Nobody in skateboarding is innovating in tshirts. Just standard heavy cotton shit. The ultra lightweight shirts that UnderArmour and Nike make are far better for performance sports, like skating. These 80/20 skate shirts hang on you like a heavy, wet paper bag after a good session. My brother sells tees with his business and my wife orders all the youth sports shirts in our soccer league. The performance shirts arent much more expensive to get custom graphics on.
  • what they really need to do is find a different shirt company so they dont charge 30 dollars for a shirt they are getting ripped off
  • should go back to the 90s shirts
  • They have made Flight decks with old school graphics....no reason why they can’t use new tee materials with old school graphics. For Heaven’s sake...don’t stop flogging the Ripper and SnS graphics to death now!
  • What 90s shirts @brigade_bill ?
  • Most quick dry synthetic fabrics are prone to pilling when skaters roll on the ground
    Artists cant change their style they need to stay true to what made them great

    I think for me durability and natural fibres like cotton or hemp would win
  • Hemp would be good. Infused with Kevlar!
  • A hemp t shirt is way more durable than cotton
    The original levis and all workwear were made with hemp
    PP going hemp could be a winner, except they would last a long time!

    You can glass surfboards with hemp mat instead of glass mat, you could make hemp skateboards much like bamboo skateboards
    Hemp is going to be huge again soon, it has probably been the most important plant in the history of the world, till petroleum products came along...

    At one time it was compulsory for farmers to grow hemp
    And latter the government made 'Hemp for Victory' a propaganda movie in 1942
    14min clip

  • Fascinating
  • Maybe a tee with a Clive Trainer backpack as the graphic?
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    imagine how high a kangaroo could ollie

  • Lol...it’s feet remind me of Tony Hawk’s!
  • @McRad they used to do hanes and gildan tees back in those days they were nice
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