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Post good quality boarding art media for all the arty farty skaters, surfers and snowboarders out there. Even some 2 wheeled action if interesting enough and of good artistic merit.
Please introduce videos, images or songs etc by including any description history etc and please title the video in case others have already seen it.
I'll start with a classic of aussie surf culture Captain Goodvibes. Captain Goodvibes appeared in each monthly edition of Tracks Magazine, which was a non glossy tabloid style magazine that defined surf culture down under for more than 15 years.
Hes a surfing drug pig always with his trusty demonic dog Astro. This piece was funded by the Australian Film Commission I believe.

Hot To Trot (1977) Iconic Australian cartoon character Captain Goodvibes, the Pig Of Steel in his onscreen debut!!




    3 years ago
    Our redux of the Devil's Toy film from 1966, part of a 10 films serie curated by the National Film Board of Canada. Please excuse ...

  • excellent thread proposition
  • This probably shoould have been the first post in this thread, as Grosso specifically adresses skateboarding as art in a loveletter

    "Skaters are super creative people and we've got something to say- half the time we don't know what it is but we've got something to say... and somebody better listen..." Grosso sits down with skater/ artist/ photographer Ed Templeton to discuss Skate Art and the Art of Skating.

  • Grosso's a fucking treasure.
  • Some of the stuff here is art but not as we know it, new ground

    Funny Try Not To Laugh Watching Skateboarding & Scooter Clips
    14,816 views •Oct 3, 2019

    Strictly Skateboarding
    825K subscribers
    Funny Try Not To Laugh Watching Skateboarding & Scooter Clips

  • FelixRat is that you? That shit was hard to watch for some people, grasping
  • wut even is this?
  • That was awesome! Mirrors society in many ways imo!
  • Yeah dudes, I don't know what it is, but it's the greatest piece of animation I've seen in a while.
    Thank you @Wheelbyte for starting this discussion. I'd never seen that video you posted, and it's pretty wonderful. I love this sort of stuff, and if anyone has similar contributions, please post!
  • Brett Novak directed: NEON
    Music: Hell, Heaven by Parlovr
    Skaters: Killian Martin
    Andy Anderson
    Isamu Yamamoto
  • Strickly Skateboarding are trolling the net for arty farty instashit so you dont have to.
    Skateboard MEMES That Scooter Kids Watch...
    60,811 views•Oct 10, 2019

  • DC Shoes has zeroed in on a discussion about redefining skateboarding’s role in the French city of Bordeaux, tackling issues on how lawmakers and politicians have been making it harder for people to skateboard in the city. Leo Valls, an adidas sponsor who also rides for Magenta Skateboards, gives us his personal take on the issue as he expresses his desire to make the city more skate-friendly in a short documentary titled DC SHOES: SKATE URBANISM – CREATING THE CITY OF THE FUTURE

    hypebeast article

    17min video
  • I cant see this catching on as
    its all fun ad games till someone gets a skateboard in the ankle and sues the city
  • Grosso is getting all artsy fartsy again
    ...for those who are old and ugly,,

    Loveletters Season 10: Aggro Zone | Jeff Grosso’s Loveletters to Skateboarding | VANS
    6,511 views•Oct 17, 201
    The AGGRO ZONE by Neil Blender was, "The best thing Transworld ever did," according to Grosso. In Six Stair’s ongoing effort to archive all things skateboarding, they’ve just completed scanning the first 10 years of Transworld Skateboarding. This is for those who never knew or need a reminder.

  • Blender also did “The Heated Wheel” in the Skateboard Mag and it was awesome!
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