Part recommendations for 10" Ripper deck

Hey, guys!

I skated a bit of street when I was in high school, but was never great, so I kinda gave it up, but never stopped loving skateboarding. I'm 29 now and I've been skating longboards for the last 4-ish years, but I'm still craving an old school setup, so I'm going with the 10" old school Ripper. I'm mostly gonna use it for cruising, light flatground, and I'm gonna attempt some bowls/mini ramps.

I'm not as familiar with parts for this deck, so I'm looking for help. I'm thinking 169 Indys with 85a or 90a Rat Bones or 159s with G-Bones. Should I get risers? Go with Reds? I was also wondering if there's any grip tape I could get that wouldn't cover up the top graphic like some PP decks.



  • Are you talking about the 10” Old School Ripper with K15 concave or the flat 10” pig ripper?

    In my experience Indy 159s work with offset wheels like rat bones. Indy 169s work better with centerset wheels like g bones.

    1/4” hard risers with 1.25” hardware.

    Any bones bearing is great! The more you spend the better the bearing.

    Buy a sheet of 10” mini logo or Jessup grip and cut it yourself.
  • @ovaldragon The K15 concave deck. That's good to hear 'cause I was leaning towards Hollow 169s with G-Bones and 1/4" risers. Thanks for the tips!
  • u can get pre-cut old school griptape on ebay that fits around the graphic
  • My experience with the 10” Ripper is you definitely need 169’s.
  • Yeah you Def want 169s with 10” deck. My first setup getting back into skating was an old school but once I got the hang of skating again, i lean towards the modern equipment sizes and shapes now. Much lighter and perform better imo. The Anderson is a happy medium.
  • Thanks, guys! I went with 169s.

    Does anyone have a photo of the PP tailbone on this Ripper? Wondering how it'll fit
  • @brigade_bill Is this what you're referring to or something else? I assumed this included the dragon since it mentions it in the name, whoops
  • edited October 2019
    no that is graphic grip this is what im talking about

    it is precut shaped grip for top graphics
  • Ah, nice. I'm scared I'd screw it up and I already ordered the McGill snake and skull grip. Sadly, it'll cover the top graphic. I hope that's not sacrilege haha. I can always re-do it later
  • SHAME ON U! jk
  • @ourcore
    Check out my profile pic. I cut the grip using the lid of an oval crockpot, then carefully placed it down where there is exactly a 2.5” space on both sides. Looks rad and it’s easy. Just take your time and be sure to have at least 2 brand new razor blades.
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