2019 black woodgrain flight decks

edited October 2019 in Powell-Peralta®
I'm seeing these show up from outside the US. Anyone got any info on these?



  • nope but thanks for showing it
  • I want one. Just prefer to get one from at least a US retailer. I'd prefer the old black and green, but this is better than the purple one!
  • i dont even know if they have them here
  • Is it real wood grain or heat transferred wood grain?
  • gotta be heat transfer :-(
  • I made the mistake of thinking that the two outer layers were carbon fibre but this isn’t the case (anymore?)! Now the top ply is carbon fibre, 4 ply of wood, carbon fibre, then wood ply for the bottom layer. Whether it is clear tint paint to show the wood grain or graphic transfer grain idk. However each board there looks identical....
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