OG Ripper cruiser setup


I have recently bought the OG ripper (10X30) and I am having a difficult time trying to find a good setup. I did a bit of research on cruiser components and I believe everything I picked out should work. But I am fairly new to the cruiser scene and I would greatly appreciate it if someone with cruiser knowledge could give me some feedback on the components I picked out. My setup is-

Trucks- Paris V4 165mm
Risers- Mini logo 1/2 black risers
Silencers- Dooks Silencers pads 1/16
Wheels- 73mm blood orange alpines
Bearings- Bones race reds

Again information on how to improve my setup would be greatly appreciated!


  • sounds fine but the paris trucks are usually for longboards
  • I am aware but from what I read they seem to be the best choice, but do you have any better suggestions?
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    indys usually go on old school boards but u can also try ace or theeve or tracker or gullwing
  • Indy 169’s!
  • Indy 169s with some Bombers or Rat Bones damnit!
  • 73mm wheels are too big on a 30 inch board, I wouldnt exceed 65mm
    IMO I'd run 60mm as tall skateboards are harder to push compared to low boards
    and if you want to ollie up curbs in the future too
    or visit skateparks
  • yeah 60 mm wheels and indy 169 trucks on that size, shape deck would be best.
  • I have Indy 169's and Gullwings with Bombers and Rat Bones (both 60mm, 85a duro) and love cruising around on these. I'm not sure how much you need the silencer pads, especially in conjunction with risers and big cruiser wheels. On my old school shapes with risers and the above mentioned trucks/wheels I already feel like I'm riding on a cloud.
  • id like to know wtf silencer pads are never heard of those lol
  • Silence pad is the same as a shock pad. Basically just soft rubber risers that reduce vibration...
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    rubber riser pads are great, means you can go slightly harder in the wheel duro department
  • Alright thanks for the input guys it really helped!
  • 2nd on the Mini Logo rubber risers. I hope they aren't gone.
  • Rubber risers are easy on the knees.
  • They're kneasy.
  • Alright so I got two more questions. The first part is about risers the 1/2 mini logos, they should be fine? Since I am going with the Rat bones rubber risers wouldn't really make a difference? Second question is about bearings. I was looking into the Race Reds and the big balls, would one be better then the other for cruising or is just more of personal preference?
  • Big Balls are great but I LOVE my Race Reds. I have them in both my cruisers.
  • If the ripper deck has a lot of concave then the risers used can be thinner,, same with taller trucks vs lo trucks. If the og ripper is a flatter concave and yr using indy 55mm high trucks and 60mm wheels, at least 1/8" riser but prolly 1/4" is better. You can use 2 or more under each truck.
    But it depends on whether you prefer a lower skateboard which provides ease of pushing

    Everything is a trade off
  • Race Reds are amaze. I love mine.
  • I primarily use super reds. They are fast and last a long time.

    Buy some standard indy’s and you will only have to use an 1/8” or 1/4” riser.

    I thought the race reds where designed for longboarders who go 30+ mph?
  • The Race Reds are Super Reds with extended races (I think) and I much prefer them to having a spacer in there. My bonus is that by removing the need to have washers I fixed the problem I had with my Rat Bones and Bombers of not having enough thread left on the truck's axle to screw the nut on. It was sketchy.
  • @SkaterRick
    Once my super reds die I’ll pickup some race reds. Sounds interesting not having to use washers. Do you tighten the nut down to the bearing or do you still leave some wiggle room?
  • Alright I finally got my board all setup last week and its a beast! I just have one more question and its about wheels. From what I've read/seen the Rat bones are the best choice. But where I live the roads are super rough, so I began to looking into some ATFs. Does anyone have any experience with both? Are the Rats faster then the ATFs?
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