Skateboard vs. Longboard

Skateboarders and longboarders of skate1, what's your take on each other? There's definitely animosity between some skateboarders towards those who ride longboards or cruisers. Some longboarders dislike skateboarders too.

Skateboarding is definitely more technical though, and longboarders who don't respect the skateboard are straight-up delusional. There is also so much creativity in trick combos, even on flat ground. I haven't talked a bit about this before, but I can't really overstate how skilled skateboarders are and how much they have to work. Not much more to say tbh.



  • as someone who started skating in the mid 90s a skateboard is a skateboard to me no matter how long or short it is they are both made of wood and have 2 trucks and 4 wheels and 8 bearings i think the hate is stupid but that's just speaking from a different era where we all got along and there was no difference
  • Longboarders are preventing global warming!
  • No disrespect, but I'm going to call you a derogatory term.
  • I don’t know enough to comment, but my neighbors let me ride a longboard (LandYachtz) for the first time a few weeks ago. I just got on and followed the slight incline of the driveway out onto the road. It just kept going and going and going and etc...

    Very mellow and peaceful, like the glassy surface of an undisturbed pond, at one with the world.

    Meanwhile, at the skatepark:
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    Bill is right.
  • I think Skateboarding is for talented people who can have fun in the air that longboarders cant have. I've also looked at a few best selling skateboard on actually Skateboarding can be taken to extremes, sending crazy airs and doing tricks. Whilst Longboarding is super chill, I’ve seen people do cool tricks on them and do “dances”, but overall they’re for cruising. Read some reviews on different brands and in my opinion Longboarding is more gnarly than skating.
  • it's all skateboarding so it doesnt really matter
  • What about freestylers? Then again I have seen longboarders kickflipping and catching airtime. Eh? It’s all skating! Before the handstands and barrel jumps it was all cruising and downhill!
  • and then there was Dan Gesmer
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    Just because of this thread I relearned my footplant longboard trick on a freestyle shape.
  • This guy is an innovator I don't see anybody does this kinda stuff nowadays.
  • I definitely respect Longboarders, there are quite a few cool tricks. But when i see a video of someone doing a line with no complies, old school kickflips and even CASPERS on his longboard, i just think "you should just have gotten a skateboard instead of making it so much harder and weirder for yourself". No hate tho, just my opinion. I still respect them, especially the downhill stuff. Thats way too fast for a freestyle skateboarder like me tho lmao
  • Totally agree with @brigade_bill , couldn't have said it any better myself ! :)
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    Skip to 1:20.

  • I suppose I do look at bro-boarders with a suspicious eye, until they prove that they are not a kook. That's about it though. Live and let live.
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    I am with Cwalker pretty much, except one skate subculture I do not understand (maybe more of a collecting one) is those freaks who only collect one wheel. What do you do with them, use them as paperweights?
  • Is there any reason for animosity between skateboarders and longboarders, or could that just be another made up accusation by left wing Democrats, socialists and Marxists promoting tribalism as a key part of their agenda to reshape Western Civilization though a strategy of Divide and Conquer?
  • Left wing Democrats, Socialists, and Marxists may divide, but will never conquer due to their lack of homogeneous principles. On the other hand Right wing Republicans, White Supremacists and Fascists also divide due to their principles based on division and bigotry!

    Moderation is the key!
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  • I’m from the late 80s into the 90s and those long boards are for people who wanted to be skaters who couldn’t cut it just keeping it real no pc or sugarcoating so if your a longboarder as you call them we call them posers find a hill and cruz to the nearest vegan hang out and sip on a nice soy latte with a bite of tofu lol
  • Wake how about those Antifa terrorist what’s your take on those pos
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    I guess you didn’t read my point @Ptown . Antifa sentiment is fine, but actions become counterproductive. Speak, educate, learn...
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