r.i.p. to former powell pro jon comer

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if u never saw him skate u blew it/blowing it


  • How did he die?
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    nobody knows he had to go to the hospital yesterday for something and he didnt make it out of there but on this site https://amarketnews.com/2019/12/05/jon-comer-death-obituary/ someone mentioned he was sick
  • THAT song in the addicted to awesome vid
    not only did he rip, but he had a great relaxed style
    usually its the neurodisabled like Ben
    secumbing to shit sandwiches
    RIP Legend

    my sensory processing disorder is so bad right now
    I cannot go the skateparks at all
    and most days I cant even skate flatground
    on my own in the dark anymore

    cu in yoga class , I guess
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    that is right i was fortunate to watch his career when he just got on powell (which is the time i just started skating) to the time he was pro then after his powell contract was up he rode for element for a little bit then rode for cockfight skateboards for awhile and a close friend of mine was his room mate for a few good years too and i was fortunate to pick up one of his boards off ebay a year or 2 ago i guess the universe was trying to tell me something
  • Man, I think I'd seen his name before but never checked him out. It's hard to imagine because 43 is not that old.
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    yea man

    update : someone on facebook said it was kidney failure he apparently had a bit of a drinking problem
  • Bummer. Not good. Liver is normally associated with drinking Biebs, but kidneys eventually too
  • yea he had a divorce back in the day so maybe that is why he got heavy into it
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