2.5’ high sides with a 5.5’ radius transition!


  • Nice, Wake. I built that ramp (or something real close) based on the plans from diyskate. I do wish I'd made it wider than 4'. The prospect of falling on a corner makes it scarier than much taller concrete mini at the skate park.
  • @WakeInFright I hope this motivates me to build one. Looking forward to seeing you skate the finished product!
  • Thanks guys! I am aiming at 6’ wide @SkaterRick . I believe that will be a functional width
  • @WakeInFright I bet that will be nice. Maybe heavy to move if you're thinking of putting it on casters, but I think that'll be better to skate. A little room to move makes a difference. In these micro quarter ramp demo vids the guys have very good control. I do not.
  • Nice Coronaramp!
  • Since it looks like I'm only going to be skating at home for a long time, I decided to finally level out the coping on the 2'4" high quarter I built with my FIL's help a couple of years ago. It is much heavier than I anticipated. I built it exactly to spec from the DIY skate website, and put what I thought were pretty heavy duty casters on it, though I bent these bumping it over the lip of my garage floor. This is fun and I'm glad to have it, but if I'd known how cramped 4' wide would be I would have tried to find some way to build it 6' wide and still make it a manageable weight. I do a lot of overshooting and bailing, but again, beats having nothing to skate. I removed and leveled the coping on it because the cut of one of the surface plies was crooked, causing one side to stick up about a half inch more than the other.

  • Nice @SkaterRick
    I have noticed a lot of modern ramps have that stainless steel strip at the bottom. Do you think it is necessary? Back in the day a lot of quarters and launch ramps we had was just the ply with maybe some Masonite top cover....
    I am thinking about bolting an old set of trucks and wheels onto one side for easy transportation....thoughts?
  • ppl have been putting metal at the bottom for decades and things are slowly opening back up in the u.s.
  • I guess that answered my question Biebs?
  • “Slowly opening up in the us”. The US is shutting down and closing up more and more each day!
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    @wake yep
    @partyfarter yes but no because georgia just opened up their beaches
  • I'm not sure how the beach thing is working. The mayor of one beach town here closed them, but somehow the governor's shelter in place order opened it back up? Confusing.

    I got that piece of 1/8" thick sheet metal from Metals Depot, and they were really accommodating and even called me to let me know that I'd accidentally screwed up my own order. I used a grinder to try to take down the leading edge of the metal to make the bump onto the ramp as small as possible. I think it worked; at least I have no complaints. I'd rather have it than not have it. I remember the wooden quarter my buddy had in his driveway growing up. It was just plywood to the concrete, and one day my wheel went under the board instead of over it. Splat.

    Bolting an old set of trucks on the underside might work? My casters are metal and pretty heavy duty, but I still dented a couple of the wheels bumping the ramp over the lip of my garage floor. If you do try trucks, get you some hard duro wheels.
  • I will put the trucks on one side, that way I will just tip the ramp onto it’s side and wheel it away. 97a G Bones reissues that are about 60mm in diameter now @SkaterRick . So about 3mm thick stainless? Or would Aluminium do? Is it the same thickness as the skatelite?
  • Yeah, about 3mm brings it to about the thickness of the surface layer (Masonite).
  • Moving a ramp? I've got an idea for that...
  • Coping.....
  • @VatoRat I had to read it to get that Kemp's order actually entailed reopening the beaches. I got a lot of flak for saying that localities should be able to govern themselves as much as possible when the rural counties were refusing to close businesses and implement shelter-in-place, but here's an episode of top-down cutting the other direction. There's no over-arching principal here that gets you to the "correct' answer every time, but I think in this case that it if the community's elected officials have decided to close that it's improper for the state to override that by fiat.

    @WakeInFright looking good man. One tip that I have from my experience; make sure that coping stays flush in its seat when you push the surface plywood up to attach it. I wound up pushing mine up about a half inch without realizing it, which is why I had to remove it to shave down a section.
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    I decided to build a corona virus ramp too! It’s 2.5’ high, 4ft wide, 1.5’ platform, and a 6’ radius, old piece of metal for the coping. It’s mostly for my kids, but I’m sure I’ll have fun on it too.
  • Don’t forget the pics!
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