What website should I get a skateboard since I am in quarantine?

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I have been interested is skateboarding for the past few months and been saving up to get a board from my local skate shop. Sadly it is closed due to quarantine, so I have been looking online and trying to find the best website. I have looked at tactics, skatewarehouse, and brailleskateboarding.com and I don't know where to get my first board. What is the best online store and what brands should I maybe get because I can't try them out or see them in person?


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    depending on what size u skate i got u i also make wheels as well and stickers hopefully u live in the u.s.
  • I have ordered from Tactics and Skatewarehouse. Both are good - depends what brands you are looking for because right now stock levels are low due to covid. Neither shop has everything in that they usually carry.

    Another option if you are looking to save some cash is to go to Chuting Star. They closed their skate shop a year ago and have very limited stock, but are running a 50% off sale. You could build a complete with Mini Logo trucks, wheels and bearings for $45. Free shipping at $50 after coupon, so get some socks or something. They have both 8" and 8.38" truck assemblies in stock - then just find a deck to match the size you want.

  • BUT if ur like me and ride 7 inch boards (very unlikely probably) then i got u
  • 7" boards?
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    we have been over this lol i normally skate 7.5 and 7.6
  • Ok, I thought you meant all the way down to 7.0. Change your name to baby_feet_bill.
  • my feet are 10.5 mister
  • Sure they are Biebs. Trump feet!
  • @BackInAction - Dude! Chuting Star is like right around the corner from me! So bummed when they closed their park.
  • SoCal Skate Shop and Skate One are shipping!
  • im shipping as well if anyone needs anything
  • What shop is yours?
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    no shop just have 2 companies a board brand and a wheel brand
  • What brand do you do?
  • I mean... Have you noticed that this site you're using, sells skateboards?
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