Caballero 192 shape truck width?

I’ve got the Caballero Ban This 192 shape flight deck in the mail but still haven’t decided on a set of trucks to go with it. I’m tossing up between Indy 159 or 169.
I mostly ride the local bowl and skate park. Going to run the Gbones 64mm 97a on it. I’m 6’2” and 100kg.
Anyone have some thoughts on truck width?


  • I’m riding 169s with the Bones wide wheel.
  • Thanks for the reply Scott. How do you feel about it? Too wide? Just right? Do the wheels protrude out at the rear truck? Why did you choose these over the 159’s?
  • IMHO the 169s fit better and I also have more of a grinding surface. I’m riding a 56mm Bones Park formula wheel and an 1/8 riser. This is one of the best combinations I’ve ridden in over 30 years at it.
  • I’ve ridden that shape with both 159 and 169. I think 169s are the best! I love the way they turn and carve.
  • Why not split the middle and go Ace 55? I like Ace better than Indy - they turn better and grind smoother.
  • Thanks for the replies guys. I’m more of a carving type skater so maybe the 169’s are the go. I’ll have to check out Ace trucks too though. Thanks again. ????
  • @ThePartyFarter is right the 169 Indies turn great with this board.
  • Another vote for the Indy 169's. I ride those on my bigger boards (9.5" +)
  • All the talk about shape 192 and Oval Dragon wheels made me go buy this! This shape and those wheels with 169’s are perfect and my quarter pipe bag of tricks is growing! Thanks Powell Peralta!
  • What happened to your love affair with Select @ThePartyFarter ?
  • @WakeInFright
    Select is good, but SkateOne has the best customer service and they actually research and develop their products. Any product with the Powell Peralta or Bones label is top notch!
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    Do you still skate shaped decks or only pops these days @ThePartyFarter ? You can see with that shape how 169’s and narrow wheels would work as it is almost pig width! Shaped decks are usually narrower than 9” at the rear truck which is why I prefer 159’s on some, and Tracker 9” trucks on others!
  • @WakeInFright
    I prefer shaped decks, but it’s tough to find one with modern concave and a wheelbase that’s is at least 14.75”+.
    I have a set of 159’s on my Cab Chinese Dragon with some G-Slide wheels and that’s my neighborhood cruiser.
    I love the way 169’s feel when I carve or grind, but it’s tough to make 169’s work unless you use skinny wheels.
    I actually sold my anti hero pop to a friends kid today so no more pops.
    I think my next deck will be the K15 Old School Ripper. A buddy of mine set it up with Indy 215’s and some 60mm SPF’s and that thing is so fun to carve and grind.
    What is your current rider?
  • Still the same @ThePartyFarter , og Saiz totem and buffalo, reish Hawk claw, and reish McGill pig!
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