Bad bushing or overtightened?

Is it possible that I overtightened my bushings? I just noticed that my rear bushing seems crushed over the core. Pressing heel side makes it travel a little more, exposing more yellow core. Pressing toe side causes the rubber bushing to push past the washer and touch the lock-nut.

Did I overtightened or maybe just get a bad bushing? Any help is greatly appreciated, as always!


  • yep u over tightened it and nice wheels ;)
  • Thanks Bill. This has me thinking about trying a hard bushing instead of medium. There are so many options when it comes to skateboards!!!! And yes they are nice wheels!
  • that blue hardware is dope
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    I use bones medium, leave my nut flush with the kingpin, and always leave the top Indy washer and they last forever
  • I weigh 83kg and always go for hard cushions/bushings. I kept destroying Doh Doh’s, found Bones useless, and the only ones that worked for me were og Gullwing or Tracker ones with a conical top and barrel bottom, and sometimes I would have to replace the top washer to ensure that it was wide enough not to bite into the top cushion @dofrenzy
  • I know I'm not riding too tight, but all my bones bushings eventually did that.
    I also like the bushings in my Gullwings.

    Haven't ridden Trackers since 92, but I'm about to do a Skull Skates setup next week with some Trackers.
  • Thanks for the input everybody. It’s nice to have some experienced skaters guide me through some of these pitfalls and provide options. I am super grateful.

    I had a feeling There was too much kingpin showing and too much compression was visible when I tightened, maybe, but what do I know! Well, I know a little more now and even have some bushing options to chase down. Thanks again radfolk!
  • This is how I ride my bones bushings....I’m 47...weigh 170 lbs
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    The problem may be that you altered the geometry of the trucks, putting a side load on the top bushing.

    Bones bottom bushing is the same height as an Indy - I measured them both this week with calipers - but you took the bottom washer out. That puts a different torque on the bushing as the hanger no longer has the king pin centered in the hole. It's also part of why you have so many kingpin threads showing.

    If the truck came with a bottom washer, keep it.

    Measured this week:
    Indy (blue 92a conical) : .545"
    Bones (black hard) : .55"
    Mini Logo (Soft Green) : .53"
    Ace (white out of a 66) : .53"
    Thunder (red 90a aftermarket) : .55"

  • The cushions/bushings on the left are og Tracker green swirls, the ones on the right are modern green swirls. The og’s feel a lot better and are more responsive, whilst the modern ones feel plastic like and feel like they will fail. This is what they look like on a new set of Thunders! I also bought a Thunder hard cushion set to experiment with too!
  • I think Indy standard trucks with bones bushings is the best combo!
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    I am really happy with Indy trucks with Tracker cushions. Still like to experiment though!
  • @WakeInFright
    Are those the new Thunder 161?
  • @WakeInFright
    How do the Thunder 151’s compare to Indy 159’s? How do they turn, grind, wheelbite, etc...
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    I haven’t put them on yet @sk8ter
    I will say the alloy in modern Tracker’s is shit, as in it is way too slippery. Grinding on metal coping is way too easy with no grab, so you lose a sense of what you are doing, and when you try to go back in your board and slip down towards the transition. I have had to bail many a time to save myself, and would intentionally do a few grinds on concrete to create some grooves to help hold
  • @Party Bear in mind that the heavier you are, the harder the bushings installed on your trucks should be. Soft bushings are more appropriate for lighter riders who skate with loose trucks since these provide ease when turning and compress the easiest.
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