Is it reissue or original!

Hi folks. I found this board recently that I had tucked away from when I was much younger. Is there a way of knowing if I have an original board vs something that was re issued at a later time.

It’s says Powell corporation 1986. There are no reissue text or Roman numerals. I’m located in melb Australia. It’s never been used or had trucks on it.


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  • Looks like an original, red Boneite deck. Can you please share pictures of the top and side?
  • G’day @Blaze and welcome to Forum from another Aussie. That is definitely OG, as they didn’t release that colourway as one of the Bones Brigade reissues. You say you have it tucked away from when you were younger, which year did you acquire it?
  • Hi guys. You know I really can’t remember what year sorry. I loved this board so much because it reminded me of the first time I saw skateboarding on video (in search of animal chin) and the first time I saw such fluid street skating by Tommy. Hooked for life.

    I’ll upload a pic of the front it’s a shame the red has lost its shine but maybe I can find a way to bring some of the colour back. It’s just so amazing to have something to connect to my youth and a real plus it’s an original.
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    New pic both sides. Its not perfect out of box but for original I'm not sure the paint and lacquer was ever designed to last 35 years...I remember getting a new board and the graphics used to last about 30 seconds before...rail slide. So ill take it B)
  • You are looking at least $1000AUD there if it isn’t warped/twisted @Blaze , hold onto it for a little while longer imo

  • Are these reissue?
  • Thank you. Do you know what they worth?
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    ive never seen them but i know they come from my era which is the 90s cause that is the powell logo which was out in the mid 90s so probably 200ish bucks
  • I've been collecting for about ten years and have never seen the plain boring hawk you have pictured above. That means it is rare. The deck with the clowns is a 1993 Powell Wade Speyer. The deck with a moon with an apple on its head is a 1992 Birdhouse tony hawk deck. I'm not sure what they are worth but not many are around in this condition. If you put them up for auction you probably will be happy with the bids.
  • I thought that we were looking at two and bottom?
  • Thank you cother2.
    Wakeinfright yes there are 2 decks
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