K3B Concave?

I see on alot of the reissues K3B concave.. this isnt listed on the deck specs page? Does anyone know what this is? Or what the dr


  • I see my comment got cut off.. should say I am wondering what the concave drop measurment is on the K3B.
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    i think it varies because they have that concave on a few different shapes but maybe the deck specs can help a bit
  • Was interested in Barbee Hydrant in particular.
  • Deck Shape 281
    Deck Concave K3B
    Deck Wheelbase 14.88"
    Deck Length 31.92"
    Deck Width 9.7"
    Deck Nose 5.84"/5.78"
    Deck Tail 6.21

    probably the best info u can get
  • I am waiting to get the information on the K3B concave so I can update the web site. Sorry for the wait.
  • Thank you I managed to get a Reissue on ebay (Hydrant).. it looks to be about a 3/8" drop over the bolt holes at highest point. Not sure if that is the same for all K3B decks but that is the measurement I get on this one.

  • @Hexonxonx , if the deck is 9” wide the drop will be less than if the deck is 10” wide. Also, if the deck is at the bottom of the press stack the drop will be less than if it is at the top as concave through the press stack mellows as you get to the lower decks. As far as I am aware drop is not an accurate comparison between decks. Just go into a shop and put your feet on a deck dude
  • What do they label decks with no concave?
  • And they are not spoon like the old days, they are straight nosed.
  • Well my Mullen series 12 is a kv12 concave. My mike v elephant is sp12. One of the concaves is just called original.
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