Question: Vintage 1985 Mike Mcgill or reissue?

Today I stumbled upon a complete Mcgill Deck on my local FB marketplace. I am having trouble verifying if it is from 1985 or a reissue. This is the only active forum I have been able to find. Hoping that this community can help me out a bit. I believe the trucks are just blanks. Also, If anyone can leave tips on how to identify a proper vintage from a reissue that would be helpful for me!


  • Looks like a legit 80's McGill. Good luck.
  • definitely an og
  • Yeah, if it's reasonable I'd pick it up.
  • Thanks guys for the input appreciate it. The guy I got it from last name was Powell and claimed to be a blood relative to George. I picked it up for 200 dollars. This is something that is going into my personal collection for some time. Not planning on reselling it. It was just in too good of a condition with trucks and griptape on where it made me wonder if it was a reissue.
  • How nice is that McGill? They should have done more of that shape imo
  • That's more likely from 87-88. 7 ply and after the snake skin backgound. Very nice score!!!!!!!!
  • It’s worth 20$ for sure
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