My risers are stuck to my board help

Maybe this is a stupid question but 35-year-old female with an Ehlers longboard with free soul trucks it has two risers and I want to remove one I unscrewed all of the screws to remove the truck like normal and it’s stuck I don’t wanna break it if it somehow


  • just put something under the riser and pry it off
  • I don't think you can break anything but you might take some of the finish up. I'd get something like a thin putty knife or as close as you can get and try to pry it up as gently as you can.
  • Heat it up a bit with a heat gun. Or maybe hold it over a stove burner, a foot away, for 5 seconds. Then pry. If that doesn't work, try a few seconds more.
  • A hair-dryer might work, too, if you don't have a heat gun. Don't use a lighter! If you're worried about scraping paint, get something made of hard plastic that you can use to pry it, instead of metal, and go slowly.
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    Thanks for the replies.
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