Bones Hardcore Bushings

I just bought a set of the "Bones Hardcore" bushings and I have to say I'm not very impressed. I like my trucks fairly tight and after reading all the reviews on these thought I would give them a shot. I've been using Doh Doh's bushings and they seem to do a much better job. I installed the bones bushings and could tell immediately that I was going to have to crank down on these to get the same stability that the doh doh's provide. I rode on the bones for a bit and tried adjusting the tension but ended up taking them off and putting the Doh Doh's back on. I don't know if it's because the Doh Doh's are the barrel/cone shape, but to me the Doh Doh's provide a much more stable platform.


  • there are three different hardnesses of the bones bushings which ones did u get
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    Hey Bill, I grabbed the hard black pack.
  • Definitely what you said in regards the shape...Bones are more for turning rather than tightness. I personally think Doh Dohs suck, I have blown a few sets. Get the green Tracker Super Balls...they are the best for tight trucks!
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    Hey Wake, I appreciate the insight and I will grab a set of those and give them a try.
  • I love my trucks loose. I ride a set of blue soft bones bushings in my back truck and a bones medium yellow top with a bones soft blue bottom on my front truck. This is how I skate my cruiser and park deck.
  • Yeah, I've never heard of anyone getting the Bones bushings because they want super tight trucks. I like them because they're turny.
  • I appreciate all of the feedback and insight. I was just looking for a set of bushings that would last and gave me that stable, tight platform. These had such great reviews so I thought I would give them a shot. Again, I should have considered the shape of the bushings to begin with. Ow well, live and learn.

    Hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving!
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