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So I was thinking about grabbing a new set of trucks, and was wondering what are some thoughts on Krux? I've never really had anything but "Indie's" and I guess from what I have read thus far, it sounds like they are made in the same place.

Any thoughts?


  • i skated krux back when they did the mirror finish trucks they grinded good and funny story one night i was skating this median strip and i did a 5050 on it and the truck broke but i still kept on grinding hahaha
  • I would have paid to see that!
  • yea it was great
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    It depends what you want out of a truck. I personally think that Krux were the worst trucks I have used.

    They don't turn. Some people like that. If you are a street skater and want to have stability so that when you land all crooked you keep going straight. I can't stress enough how much I hated the turn. I skated them twice for a total of 20 minutes and gave them away.

    My business partner was building up a new board for pool. I recommended ACE for him. He went to the shop and the guy behind the counter sold him on Krux saying they "turned awesome" and that I didn't know what I was talking about, so he bought the Krux. After three outings he got rid of them and bought Ace. Krux are garbage.

    What do you skate, and what do you wish the indies did better?

    Indie standards are a good middle of the road truck.

    Forged or Ti are lighter, lower and slightly move the axles out giving you more pop.

    Ace turn better and grind smoother than indies and are lower (52mm vs 55). Axles are more inward making them good for steep decks. If you skate mellow decks they may not be the best choice. You may find yourself wanting slightly longer wheelbases in your decks.

    Thunder are lighter and move the axles out so you can pop your tricks better than indies - but their turn is different. Sharper, less carve. Good for mellow decks. You may find you want a little shorter wheelbase on your decks.

    Mini Logo turn well, are lighter, super low (48mm) but have garbage kingpin clearance.

    I haven't skated Venture. They place the axles out furthest of all so they are good for pop, but you may want to start skating shorter wheelbase decks to make up for it.

  • Krux are very uncomfortable.

    Everything BackInAction said is great info.
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    I definitely lean towards the Rodney Mullen / June Saito type of skating, so I guess I would say (and please correct me if I'm wrong) more technical? It's getting cold here in Michigan so I have been spending a lot more time in the basement trying to accomplish some of the casper's, primo's, manuals, get the picture.

    I do not like loose trucks at all in fact I was just talking with Bill and a couple of the other members about the "Bones Hardcore Bushings" and how I was disappointed that they didn't firm up my Indie's as much I would have liked even after buying the hardest ones and then cranking down on them.

    I switched back to Doh Doh's "Rock Hards" with the cone/barrel shape and actually find some comfort with the fact that my trucks don't really turn all that much and to me, seem to add a more stable platform to work from.

    So I'm wondering if the fact that the Krux don't turn all that well might be something that would work for me?

    My Indie's are great and I don't know that I would like them to do anything better per say, I am just putting together another complete board (dropping down from 8.5 to 8.25) and came across the Krux and thought I would see what you guys think.

    I'm also 6'2" and would like to think a wider wheelbase would be a great advantage for me to have because of my higher center of gravity. However, math is not my forte and I could be way off course here.

  • I like to dial my trucks down as well and find that Indys with Bones medium bushings is a pretty good combo. If you are switching out bushings anyway, Krux are okay as a framework; they grind fine and last a while (maybe a small step down from Indys imo).
  • im a tight trucks person as well
  • It sounds like Krux would be right up your alley. I think that is EXACTLY what they were designed for.

    Mullen was quoted as saying he designed the old Tensor Lows to not turn.

    Some people don't want turn. Others do. It's great that there are so many trucks to choose from.

    Also be aware that Krux are coming out with a new design (K5) with an inverted kingpin and a threaded baseplate insert. They also claim they will have a quicker turn than the current K4.

    "New and improved K5 Krux Truck with the "Pur-fect Turn". Quicker turning geometry, a new pivot cup shape, re-designed hanger and sexy-ass baseplate combined with the strongest axles available make the K5 the best Krux Truck ever made."

    Sounds like you want the K4.

  • There is always Tracker. I am typically a tight truck skater, until I bought a pair of Aces, and remember the spiel that Indy’s used to harp on about that before they came out there were Bennetts and Trackers. One would always break, the other wouldn’t turn. Tracker are pretty stable imo!
  • I was just watching June Saito talk about his set up this morning and he said the same thing. He uses Krux, and doesn't like his trucks to turn at all. He uses the Bones hard bushing's and when they showed the trucks on his board, you could see like a 1/2 inch of the kingpin threads sticking up above the bolt because he had them cracked down so tight.

  • Hello skatepeeps,

    I've recently bought new trucks from an unknown brand called Iron, I had to replace the bushings after a couple of weeks because they were already damaged. I put some Bones hardcore mediums in and they're awesome, but after a while, same problem, my board keeps turning to one side. I've tried loosening the trucks, riding switch,... doesn't really seem to help. Last week I bought new wheels and I noticed upon replacing them, that the axles of the trucks are slightly bend so that the wheels are positioned in an angle rather than fully touching the ground.

    Can somebody tell me if this is a problem? Like having les grip, faster (uneven) tear of the wheels?

  • Could be a warped deck?
  • Almost all trucks have a little of bend like that. It has to do with the uneven cooling of the hanger from casting. However, that seems like a lot more than normal.
  • no reason for a double post
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