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So it's time for a new deck and I was trying to decide between getting another Almost UBER light or trying one of the Flight decks. I own and ride an UBER light and they are awesome. I have never owned or rode a Flight deck but from what I have read, I have a couple of questions and concerns.

I have read that they are of course strong and have seen all the videos of them being ran over, struck with heavy weight during testing etc.....Does anybody have one and what are your thought's?

What about chipping and how does this affect the fiberglass layers? One of the complaints that I have read is that as the tail begins to razor or the board chips, the fiberglass begins to splinter and this can become an irritating mess that is unpleasant and that you don't really want to deal with.

Just curious if anybody had any thoughts.


  • Compared to a normal deck, it is stronger and poppier, but also a little bit flexier. I didn't mind the flexiness b/c it lasted about 3x longer than the deck before it. It will still razor tail and chip the same as a regular deck, just more slowly. I have seen pictures of the side of the tail splintering, but that never happened to me, even though I do 180 no complys like I'm stuck in a rut, and am usually pretty rough on tails.
  • I don’t like the feel of composite decks, Flight included. I like the way boards have felt for 30 years - I guess I’m a grumpy old man, maybe a “purist”. Flight decks are too springy for my liking. Great product, don’t get me wrong - just not my cup of tea.
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    I'm old too and I think thats part of the reason I went to and really like the Uber light so much. There's very little if any flex and it's one of the lightest and stable platforms I've ever had. The carbon fiber wrapped foam core is like rebar and there have been plenty of times where I have landed in less than the ideal position on the deck and it's been great. Now, I like more tech work so I don't do a whole lot of the higher impact stuff but again, there have been times I have come down on it and it's taken the beating well.

    I'm probably going to stick with Uber light and will continue to do so but, because they cost about the same in the end I wanted to ask and see what some of the owners of the flight decks thought.

    Thanks for the replies.
  • Just wanted to bump this thread to say that the Ripper Flight Deck is so rad. Old-school shape but with a useable nose, perfect concave, tough, and so light.
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