Axles on trucks are bend, wheels don't fully touch the ground

Hello skatepeeps,

I've recently bought new trucks from an unknown brand, I had to recplace the bushings after a couple of weeks because they were already damaged. I put some Bones hardcore mediums in and they're awesome, but after a while, same problem, my board keeps turning to one side. I've tried loosening the trucks, riding switch,... doesn't really seem to help. Last week I bought new wheels and I noticed upon replacing them, that the axles of the trucks are slightly bend so that the wheels are positioned in an angle rather than fully touching the ground.

Can somebody tell me if this is a problem? Like having les grip, faster (uneven) tear of the wheels?



  • Yeah, that's not optimal. I'd get some real trucks. Like having your car out of alignment, it's gonna eat your wheels unevenly plus not the best or safest for riding.
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