Series 13

Any arrival date for Bone Brigade Series 13?


  • they havent announced any new bb series
  • You think it will stay that way until the supply chain opens up again?
  • They struggled to meet orders for Series 12, and are struggling to keep up with demand of regular old stuff. So yes, I think we would predict that Series 13, if it happens, is a long long way off.
  • i think 12 is a good number to end it with
  • I sure hope there’s a few more series coming. I didn’t know about the reissues until recently and am trying to play catchup. It’s fun to be able to buy the boards I skated in the 80’s and collect with my young kids. So far my boy has a series 12 mullen and skates a cab. on our ramp. It would be nice to complete the collection without having to pay scalpers on ebay. Definitely still a market for them. They sell out as soon as they hit the web.
  • For the sake of conversation, would it be so bad if they shelved the BB series for a while and continued to reissue old designs on a fairly regular basis?

    For the uninitiated, what's the difference?

    #'s are limited either way, so collectors shouldn't be upset.
  • that is right
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