Does anyone know these truck from the 80’s

I made an old school board for my son using the trucks I had in my first skateboard back in 1988.
I have no clue of the brand of it, Can anyone help me with that?


  • Google image search brought up some ebay auctions for Thunder trucks that have the same sword on the base plate.
  • They are definitely Thunders, from around 88-89. I have a pair as well except with a battle axe and a lizard. They were awesome and served me well for many a year. Are your base plates slightly off centre too?
  • Thank you guys, they are strong pieces. I can’t say if they are off centre but definetly they are not accurate like modern trucks, my boards never went on a straight line with them. Thanks again for the help, just uploaded a picture of them after a full review and ready to go for many more years!
  • nah fam im only 15 i havent been alive long enough to know lmao
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